Yes Pickleball

The Answer is YES!

(Careful – It’s more addictive than Chocolate)!

Pickleball described in 1 word - FUN, in 2 – GREAT GAME, in 3 - EASY TO PLAY, in 4  – A GAME FOR EVERYONE, in 5 – A COMPETITIVE GAME YOU'LL LOVE, and in 6 words – PICKLEBALL IS MORE ADDICTIVE THAN CHOCOLATE!

Hi guys it’s Tom here from my new holiday home in Thailand and you could say I’m a Pickleball nut...

 - and I love the game and for so many reasons that I’ll share with you as I go through all stuff pickleball here.

You will learn about:

  • Pickleball the game, history, rules and how to play
  • Pickleball serving rules, illegal serves, good serves and fantastic serves
  • Pickleball Paddles, balls, nets, sets, bundles, courts and court design
  •  Pickleball merchandise such as mens and ladies Tshirts, paddle grips, edge guards and various accessories and where you can buy them
  •  Pickleball ratings, rankings and tournament info
  • And… not only will you read of a growing number of clubs around the world, you are invited to add your club info under our Directory of Clubs. 

Obviously if you’re a convert already you will know exactly what I mean and how I feel about this game but if you have just got a wiff of this game and don’t know too much about pickleball just yet but would like to, let me put you in the picture.

It is all the 20 descriptive words above and a lot more.

Invented some 50 odd years ago and slowly exposed to the world one game at a time, it is now growing as a world sport like wildfire. If you can swing any sort of bat, racquet or paddle or would like to, I dare you to try pickleball. And no, it doesn’t matter what age you are, it doesn’t matter how fit or agile you think you are or are not, it doesn’t matter your sporting prowess; you can give it a try.

Be warned however it’s addictive! I can say with about 98% certainty, you’ll get addicted to the game. Why? Because the first of the 20 descriptive words to introduce this game was the word “fun”!

It is why this game is growing like it is, because first and foremost it is fun and you will quickly find that you can add words like friendship, fitness and community and lots of other positives as well.

I think we are on the same page now so I won’t go on and on right here but if your interest is tickled a bit and you’d like to know more, join this rapidly growing game and walk with me through the pages of yespickleball as I share the ins and outs of this game that I love.

Again, you’ll find everything from the history of pickleball, to court dimensions to paddle selection, motive shirts, videos of how to play pickleball and a whole lot more. Don’t forget, get our latest news as we post on YesPickleball facebook page with a simple LIKE and odds are that you will love the game of pickleball forever! – It’s addictive as chocolate and calorie free!  

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