Pickleball Court Design and Construction – Initial Considerations

Pickleball court design and construction is underway in the backyards, private facilities and underused community a multi-court complexes to repurpose basketball and tennis courts to better cater to this rapidly growing sport.

If you are one that is already hooked into this fun and exciting game that is now recognized as one of the fastest growing sports in the USA and now emerging all over the world, then a new court for your back yard or sporting complex will surely be of interest.

While commercial operations will need to consider a whole range of options and requirements for a public facility, the only initial and critical considerations for private construction are space and money because if you have a place to build a court, money will buy you anything from a bargain budget cement or asphalt base court through to the top end Acrylic surface or the ultimate joint-friendly acrylic playing surface with built in shock absorbing layers offered by the latest technology.

To start you will need the required area to lay a pickle pad (court) which is 20 feet by 44 feet. To this you will want room for run-off areas at the ends and side which should be at least 7 feet on either side and at least 10 feet at the court ends giving a recommended total playing area of 34 feet x 64 feet.

The technicalities of slab construction and final court surface required won’t be discussed here simply because there are so many options, foundation work required and ultimate finished prices, but to start at the budget version of concrete construction with smooth finished surface on a prepared and suitable flat surface is around $6 per square foot at 4 inches thick making the cost of a 2200 square feet playing area upwards of $12 to 13 thousand dollars.

An asphalt overlay or a premium acrylic top surface can add a further $2000 to $4000 dollars. An acrylic overlay or top surface while not necessary of course to simply hit a pickleball and have some fun, is however a pleasure to play on. 

The Novaplay product overlay for example provides benefits for players such as unique low abrasive textured surface reducing wear on shoes, balls and more importantly your body. The surface also brings a new level of beauty, longevity and toughness to the game with brilliant U.V. resistant pigments, durable high solid acrylic blends and over thirty years of proven performance.

Other things to think about for private Pickleball Court Design and construction

·         Fencing – or some sort of barrier to save chasing off into the never never for balls between points

·         Lighting – do you really need lighting and if you do, this could be a significant added cost

·         Courtside Shelter

·         Courtside seating – enough for 4 people at least

·         Neighbors – it is a lot easier to have their input before you start than to risk any negative responses after you paid the deposit

·         Court color – colors available can really boost the look and ultimate value of a court in a domestic setting

·         Noise – from a playing aspect and from a neighbors aspect

·         Nets – fixed or portable

Pickleball Court Design 

Pickleball court design and construction is not difficult and not overly time consuming to construct. Once you have determined construction space and money available – the rest is pretty much a formality and will see you playing in pretty quick time – contractors permitting obviously.

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