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The USAPA Pickleball is the governing body of pickleball and is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation which effectively means that it is an organization that is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of Title 26 of the United States Code. It is the most common type of the 29 types of 501(c) nonprofit organizations in the United States. 

It operates with a board of members and committee responsibilities. Such responsibilities include communications, player ratings, tournaments, grants, ambassadors and training and is at the heart of pickleball in every respect. It has its own online sales of USAPA apparel and sponsor advertising to assist with its funding and the growth of pickleball throughout the USA and overseas and is go to resource for any pickleball player or organization for information.

A part of the tax exemption and funding go to support Ambassadors of the USAPA Pickleball association who volunteer their valuable time.

Become a USAPA Pickleball Ambassador

In brief, you can become an Ambassador of the sport which would list you as a volunteer who has pledged to promote the sport of pickleball and the USAPA in the local area that you have applied to represent. Ambassadors can be individuals or couples, or a group of ambassadors working together as a team. The main prerequisite required of you is a love of the sport and the desire to share the game of pickleball with others of all ages. Some full-time RV’ers are Ambassadors ‘at large’ who promote our sport during their travels.

Your PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY as ambassador is to be the spokesperson and representative for the USAPA for all activities related to pickleball within the area they represent. You pledge to support and abide by all Official Rules and the Code of Conduct, as established by the association and will refrain from publicly criticizing the USAPA or its rules, policies, goals, projects, officers, members or operations.  Ambassadors are team players who work to promote the USAPA, not oppose it.

In addition, Ambassadors will also:

Post locations where pickleball is played within your geographical area Places-To-Play on the USAPA website. This information should include name of facility and times of play and need to maintain and keep this information current. You are the go to person for pickleball in your area.

·         You will promote & solicit memberships with USAPA.

·         You will support the goals of the USAPA which are to promote and grow our game with others of all ages.

·         And you will advise players of USAPA Board actions, such as rules changes and other important information.

If becoming an ambassador is of interest to you then it is easy to apply online to the USAPA here -

The USAPA pickleball website is for everybody and has everything else in addition to Ambassador information that you could want or need for pickleball and its associated activities. You’ll find tabs leading to pages of information about:

·         Tournaments and Ratings

·         Training and Court Info

·         Membership and Donations

·         Rules and Referees

·         Approved Paddle and Ball list

·         Places to Play

·         Pickleball Communities and Clubs

·         Regional, State and International Websites 

·         Media Relations

·         Current Sponsors and Sponsor opportunities

·         Organizational Documents

·         And lots of information articles and videos

 You can visit the USAPA Pickelball website here 

Pickleball Internationally

If you live further afield and want to know more about Pickleball Internationally in overseas destinations, your introduction to them are:

Pickleball UK:

Pickleball UK and the UK Pickleball Association (UKPA) a registered not for profit organization is to the UK what the USAPA is to the USA. The aim of the UKPA is to be the sister of the USAPA in what it does and is trying to do.

Pickleball UK is on the Go – Get on the Pickleball Train 

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