Benefits of Pickleball 

The Benefits of Pickleball are many and varied for all ages and genders and we’ll run through a few of them here which I believe most would agree with.

It’s been stated by the co-inventors Joel Pritchard, William Bell and Barney McCallum, the game called Pickleball is a game that can be enjoyed by the whole family and that is exactly what it is – a family game.

While there are many descriptions of pickleball, one that fits the bill is that it is paddle sport that combines ping pong, tennis and badminton and is played on a half sized tennis court with a plastic ball with holes in it similar to a wiffleball. The net is similar to a tennis net, but two inches lower. You play the game with an oversized pingpong  bat called a paddle which has no strings.

The Benefits of Pickleball
Go Further than Exercise

There are obvious health and Social Benefits of pickleball supported by the shear popularity and dedication of people who play the game on a regular consistent bases.

Having been invented in the mid 60’s, the popularity of the game didn’t start to head north until around 2014 and from that moment on it has not stopped since. The growth in player numbers has been quite extraordinary actually and this has stimulated a whole new expansion in the number of new courts needed all over the country. You can now play pickleball in every state of the USA.

The games popularity is not just USA based – it has spread as far and wide as the globe reaches which really primes great expectation in the numbers of people who are yet to learn of the game and of course get hooked for life.

Pickleball is very popular among most racquetball players with tennis players taking to the game with gusto. Non-tennis or racquetball players are also attracted to the game because at the outset it is simply just good addictive fun.

Pickleball is great for people of all ages and athletic abilities because I think of the court size, the plastic ball and how the game is played. The court is small enough not to demand lots of running to be in the play and a ball that is not designed to be hit for pace but more placement. The game play also quickly involves all players and the rules that go with it are pretty simple.

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One of the great benefits of Pickleball is that it can’t help but be a mood changer to anyone that plays it because it genuinely is a naturally good fun game. – You could say it is great for your mental health just to show up and watch a game because of the camaraderie of those that are attracted to play the game.

Get a paddle in your hand however and you’ll lift your mood and burn some calories too! With the right sporting footwear, the game play is pretty low-impact and sees few injuries occur which is a positive for all ages particularly of course those of us who are in the older age bracket!!! The problem however is that the game is addictive and people play too many games for too long and you can see player sorness amongst many who can’t get enough of the game so beware. When we say it is addictive we mean it.

You will find that Pickleball provides socialization and activity at the same time, which is why we say on our home page that Pickleball is described in 1 word as fun, in 2 words, as a great game, in 3 words, it’s easy to play, in 4 words, it’s a game for everyone, and in 5 words, it’s a competitive game you’ll love!

The game started with the whole family in mind and while many older people were particularly attracted to it because of the socialization aspect of it, the growth of it is exposing the game to teenagers and above with many 5.0 players now in their 20’s.

Just to explain, pickleball has a player rating system which is a grade of your playing standard or competency if you like which ranges from absolute beginner at 1.0 through to a top rated player at 5.0.

The beauty and benefit of the rating system is that it enables you to play against other players rated the same level as you and always makes for a great game.

Pickleball is an awesome way to get subliminal exercise, well almost subliminal. You know you’re getting it but you don’t care that you are raising a sweat and even getting a bit huffy puffy because of its fun aspect. Again, addiction can be a friend or foe and when it comes to pickleball, you have a friend indeed. As you have read, the benefits of pickleball are many and you will certainly get out of it what you put into it.

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