Graphite Pickleball Paddles 
The Run Down of What Graphite Means

Graphite pickleball paddles refer to what the top and bottom skin or what some call the outer layers of the paddle are made of. Not the inner core.

The two most popular skins are graphite and fiberglass.

Modern paddles known as composite paddles still have various inner cores often referred to or called Polymer, Aluminum or Nomex cores.  Composite simply means in layman’s terms a mixture of materials. Those materials refer to the outer layers and the inner core.

Inner cores of Polymer, Aluminum or Nomex have different properties and subsequent feel of how a paddle feels to a player in weight, maneuverability, power, control and touch with touch or feel being more a function of the paddle face.

Graphite Pickleball Paddles

Graphite Pickleball paddles are faced with graphite material but can in purpose have any of the inner cores of Polymer, Aluminum or Nomex depending on manufacturer. Inner cores a generally honey comb in design due its strength to weight ratio properties. 
·         An aluminum core is as the name suggests, made of aluminum
·         A Nomex core is a tad more confusing but it is simply a honey comb cardboard dipped in resin and the resin is used to harden the cardboard
·         A Polymer core might also be confusing to some but is simply a plastic core with various plastic properties of which one is light weight. Polymer cores are the latest inclusion to the lineup of materials used in a composite pickleball paddle.

So an end to the confusion of Graphite and what it means in reference to a Pickleball paddle. Graphite to many has a marketing aspect that immediately reflects quality and superiority and graphite paddles prove to be one of the most popular paddles on the market.

Graphite (outer layers) are said to provide soft-control and feel while retaining ultra-power. However, remember that inner cores provide specific performance characteristics and it becomes a combination of both outer skin properties and inner core properties that results in the ultimate performance of a paddle.

The graphite skin on both the front and back of the paddle face is very thin; about the thickness of a fingernail. The light and strength of graphite paddles enable quick maneuverability and positive shots from the graphite face.

Graphite Pickleball Paddles however are not the only available paddles as you have now learned and coupled with any particular core will have differing performance characteristics.  Hence the huge selection of different paddles on the market and the need to know as much as you can to be fully informed before you buy.

The paddle that is the Best Pickleball Paddle – for you depends on 6 key factors. Where your game is right now, where you want your game to go, personal preferences and body mechanic limitations, manufacturing excellence and of course price. All of this is covered here at The Best Pickleball Paddle – for you 

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