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I am a keen, adventurous, passionate outgoing person who is good with people and I'm looking to join your dedicated team ready, willing and able for an immediate start.

Ex-farmer, police officer, bus driving tour guide, customer service professional to a global audience, animal lover large and small and jack of (most) trades. 

Uluru Camel Tours

First up, ignore the YesPickleball header of this About Me page, I've simply used a blank page of my website to host this page.

Secondly, this is me - Tom. Hopefully the information to follow in conjunction with my resume will provide you information that you will find both relevant and supporting of my ability to fullfill your advertised Camaleer job position.

"This is a slightly candid but brief
broad brush overview of me to hopefully be considered and selected for your short list ".

  • Yes I am more than comfortable with working with large animals (Camels)
  • Yes I have effectively hosted visitors from around the globe and gave them them an unforgettable experience as manager of cabin crew onboard aircraft over a period of 20 years
  • Yes I am more than comfortable with Public speaking
  • Yes carrying out general duties as directed by management is totally expected

So about me? 

I am a single 55 year old male (semi-retired at times) people person who is healthy, fit and able and who is keen on travel and new experiences.

My work history has been quite varied starting out life (born and bred) on a farm and after 6 years on the land the farm was sold in 1985 and I moved on to work in the airline industry in customer service for the next 20 years eventually obtaining the position of Manager of Cabin Crew. 

Some very old farming pics...

Airline Industry
I work for and lost my job (due liquidation) for 5 Airlines - Ansett and Ansett International then Tiger, then Strategic, then Air Australia, then pilot for Sharp Airlines!

(I've given up on working for airlines - Ha!)

* Pilot - Melbourne 

I did a number of part time jobs over the next few years searching for a new occupation and accommodating the need to care for my mother who had Alzheimer's. 

This included:

* Home renovator, property investor 
* Kitchen and bathroom labourer - Melbourne
* Investment Real Estate Agent - Melbourne and Brisbane 

Renovations at work

* Tour bus operator - Alice Springs
* Home care giver for my mother with Alzheimer's
* Cement truck driver - Adelaide
* First Aid Teacher  for St John- Adelaide
* Police Officer - Brisbane 

Police Graduation Day 

My varied work history has seen the need for me to live in all but about 2 states of Australia for various lengths of time. 
I now call my home town -  Brisbane Queensland. I have also lived overseas in both the Phillipines and Thailand for approximately 5 years. 

My interests

* Sport, Health and fitness of most kinds but for the last 3 years it has been pickleball - (Mini-Tennis). So much so that I have now written a website about the game as per the header you see on this page.

* Travel
* Language
* Online learning
* Life Challenges - or at least challengers in life

And of course animals - I love anything with a heart beat - well almost.

* NON-Smoker
* Light Drinker
* Ex Farmer - handy man jack of most trades

Why do I want be a Camaleer with Uluru Camel Tours

Because I'm adventurous, good with people and animals and I can see that Uluru Camel Tours provides unique experiences in the Red Centre of Australia and I am up to the challenge.

I know what it means to make or break a persons experience and the effect that this can have on the bottom line of a company.

And I totally know what it means to have a keen, passionate, outgoing person to join your dedicated team and...

I am totally aware of the conditions of central Australia having lived there previously and I am available for an immediate start.

Contact and further Details
EMAIL: treincke@gmail.com

MB: 0401 028 506

Skype: tomtom139


David Miller 0412 447901

Garret Hebden 0418 304079

Owner Website www.justbetter.com.au

Martin Crocker 0406 405537

Owner Website www.earlshardwarestkilda.com.au

My Availability


Thank you for your time and consideration and look forward to hearing from you.


Tom Reincke

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