Paddletek Club Paddle

Paddletek Club Paddle - Hi once again to review readers. Today we take a look at what is called a Club Paddle from Paddletek.

Paddletek as you probably already know are a fairly dominant brand in the pickleball game and are fairly dominant sponsors around the tournament circuit sponsoring a number of playing representatives.

Quoting from their website they state:

"Paddletek began with an intense passion for Pickleball and a vision to create innovative high performance Pickleball paddles.  Superior quality and performance remains the standard with every paddle we craft today."

They go on to further state that they were "Founded in Scottsdale, AZ in 2010 before moving to Niles, Michigan and that they have grown to become a brand leader with revolutionary innovations that have completely changed the pickleball paddle market by enhancing performance and the Pickleball experience. 

The Paddletek company is family owned and continues to innovate with three main priorities say brothers Cody and Curtis Smith being performance, quality and customer service.

The Paddletek Family

Paddletek have a growing list of paddles to suit any players and namely at the time of writing being the

·         Tempest Wave Special Edition

·         Tempest Wave

·         Bantam EX-L

·         Bantam TS-5

·         Element

·         Helo

·         Horizon

·         Ranger

·         Phoenix Lte

·         Phoenix Pro

·         Power Play Pro

·         Stratus

and not forgetting the subject paddle of this review - the Paddletek Club Paddle 


The Paddletek Club Paddle is designed for schools and groups who are looking for a polymer core paddle at an entry-level price at around the $50 mark. It's the perfect medium weight entry paddle for new players to own or for clubs to be able to supply their players with a high quality inexpensive paddle. 

It is made with a Polymer honeycomb core and layered with the same vinyl/poly cabonate surface material as the Bantam EX-L that provides the right amount of power for put-away shots yet has the responsive touch you need for your net game.

If you are looking to customize this paddle the surface can be imprinted with your school or clubs logo or preferred imprint.

Club Paddle Features

·         Extra-large playing surface with balanced weight distribution

·         Large sweet spot providing excellent touch and power

·         Perimeter weighting for even power delivery

·         Advanced polymer core with vibration dampening technology

·         Poly surface for excellent spin control

·         Ultra Cushion Texture Grip

·         Handle: 4.5”

·         Grip circumference 4.25"

·         Length 15.75”

·         Width 7.75”

·         Weight 7.8 oz + or - 0.3 oz;

·         Meets all USAPA Tournament guidelines

·         Made in the U.S.A.

·         1 year Manufacturer's warranty on Dead Spots

Warranty issues must be addresses directly with manufacturer

Want this Paddle?

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