Pickleball Accessories Market – What’s Available and What’s Popular

Pickleball Accessories – When the game itself is more addictive than chocolate you can be sure there is a big and growing Accessory market.

The Accessory market can be split into two identifiable market segments.

1.       The personal accessories segment and

2.       The court accessories segment

Both are growing with new products with what seems to be like each and every day. With more and more demand for courts to play on, understandably the standard of court rises. What was once considered acceptable now competes with the new courts offering rebound court surfaces, glow lines, fencing, lights, seating and all the goodies that make the new courts what they are today. 

Pickleball Accessories

It is the same process and growth with accessories. More players quite naturally means more demand for the basics required to play pickleball and growing demand for pickleball accessories that are personal. Aside pickleball apparel which has created its own runaway demand also, the accessories now available are both imaginative and prove to be in demand. When the game of pickleball is such an easy fun game to play, it attracts new players easily and most quickly become die hard pickleball lovers.

It is why we now see personal Pickleball Accessories like pickleball bags and covers, paddle grips, books and videos, training aids, pickleball jewelry including earrings, watches, rings and badges and if that is not enough already, gift certificates. 

One of the most popular personal pickleball accessories (in addition to the basics) are pickleball bags and paddle covers.

Players want to protect their playing treasure (their paddle) and a very effective way to do that is to simply buy a paddle cover which covers the paddle but leaves the handle uncovered for easy of carry. 

A Neoprene Pickleball Paddle Cover:

·         Is an easy solution to keep pickleball paddle face protected

·         Is fitted with a zipper makes it easy to put on and take off

·         Is durable neoprene material will last long time

·         rotects your paddle investment from chips, dings and scratches

·         Is the most popular paddle cover on the market

Another popular cover for your pickleball paddle is the Pickleball paddle cover bag.

The paddle bag cover is made from a lightweight PVC or similar material and come in specific shapes for a paddle or a more universal shape. The bag is normally closed and opened using a zipper which makes it quick and easy to access your paddle. Most come with a shoulder strap and often a small integrated material loop for hanging.

With your paddle or paddles securely in the cover bag, you can hang it on the wall, back of a door or suitable hook. Most of the available bags on the market are a one size fits all design and many accommodate two Pickleball paddles and small sundries. 

The third type of paddle cover protection is the Pickleball paddle duffle bag

The Duffel bag has got all the carrying space you could need. It is essentially a multi-purpose bag and can carry everything required for a game and then some. Most are generally made from a polyester or polyester mixed fabric that is water resistant. Most use zips enclosures and have carry handles and a shoulder strap.

Designed with separate compartments to carry smaller items such as balls, shoes, keyrings, water bottles etc, a bag is basically a carry-all. Not the kitchen sink of course but it does give you lots of room to carry all your pickleball accessories and necessities.

Another popular personal pickleball accessories favourite is pickleball paddle grips

Let’s take a look at Pickleball paddle grips, how to establish your size and how to apply a new replacement grip and an over grip. Do it yourselfers can easily get griped or re-griped in 5 minutes or less. Check out: Pickleball Paddle Grips, Over Grips and How to Apply a Grip. (link)

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