The Pickleball Association that Governs the Game of Pickleball in the USA is the USAPA

The Pickleball Association that governs the game of pickleball is the USAPA.

What does it do, who is it, what does it govern, how does it affect players and all the other good stuff that a pickler wants to know? 

The USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) was organized to promote the growth and development of pickleball, not only on a national level but an international level also. This includes you wherever you are in or out of the USA.

This organization which is a registered ‘Not For Profit Corporation’ provides players with official rules, tournaments, rankings, and promotional materials.

The Board states that it is committed to growing pickleball among players of all ages and characteristics. It has and will continue to provide it says, the infrastructure for the development of the sport through promulgation of official rules, sponsoring and sanctioning tournaments and clinics, ranking players, communicating with its members via e-mail and newsletters, training of all levels of players, and otherwise promoting pickleball.

In short, the webpage provides you as a player or organization, a seller of pickleball equipment particularly paddles and balls all the information that you need to comply with and the rules and conduct frame work in which to conduct any activity, business or competition play.

An extremely good resource for telling information in relationship to the growth of pickleball is their paid membership to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) Pickleball Participant Report of which the 2016 year revealed some extremely buoyant and revealing figures as to the direction of pickleball. Some highlighted points to note in the 2016 report are that it stated that there are currently 2.5 million picklers playing pickleball. Membership of the USAPA has risen to 16,793 from the previous year report (an increase of 6,491 or 540.9 per month)

Pickleball Association growth revalations

One of the most telling facts in the growth of pickleball was the increase of recorded rated players.

The USAPA governs a rating system for players between beginners at 1.0 through to the highest ranked at 5.0. Quoting from the report, “The number of officially rated players went from 6,000 on 1/1/2016 to 8,638 on 12/31/16.  That’s a 2,638 annual increase in initial ratings for new players which was roughly a 30% increase in one year.  In addition, there were about 800 players, who already had a rating, that had a rating change.”

The USAPA offers membership for just $20 per year. Other pricing options include $54 for 3 years $90 for 5 years and $500 for a lifetime membership. In addition to staying connected with like minded individuals your membership supports USAPA initiatives such as:

·         Maintaining rules and equipment standards

·         Introductory and developmental programs for all ages

·         Provide competitive play through USAPA sanctioned events and tournaments

·         Provide and maintain a Places to Play database (by country and state)

·         Plus a rather long list of other stated benefits that you can check out on their website

The USAPA also have their own apparel and this is offered for sale from their website. If you are a business, you will notice that they also accept sponsors and advertisers on their site also.

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