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Welcome to Pickleball at YesPickleball.com This is our “About Us” page - My name is Tom Reincke and as a pickleball convert (some would say pickleball nut) you and I are alike. Isn’t it crazy how ‘crazy addictive’ this game is!

We love the game of pickleball – we (that is you and me) can’t help ourselves. I first saw the game played in 2015 in Chiang Mai, Thailand of all places. Let me point out that I am an Australian that now holidays for long periods of time abroad (most of the time) in the beautiful land they call Amazing Thailand. 

Come for an awesome pickleball tour here. I guarantee that you will love this place (and the tour) but I cannot guarantee that you will not want to stay. Trust me it happens – I’m living proof of that and so too are many of the expats that I play with ha!   

I eventually played the game having waited more than 6 months after I first saw it played to actually give it a try and from memory it took about 3 hits and I was hooked even though the court was outdoors and at the mercy of the elements of Thailand and on rough bitumen that provided nothing like a consistent regular bounce.

Pickleball then simply attached itself to me (it is not my fault) and it became a compelling routine to front up 3 days a week and do the things that picklers do for 2, 3 or 4 hours a day!

I never would have imagined I would be here talking to you today about such a ridiculously but seeming perfectly named game call pickleball. I have a sporting background and love most sports and now in my middle (active) 50’s can say that pickleball is unique in so many ways.

First up, it is a fun game. It can be played by literally anyone that can swing a stick, and I literally mean stick. It brings people old and young together like no other sport that I know of and makes good friends and I expect some of them to be lifelong friends. Yes there is something about picklers – you and me… (and they) - and is the very reason that we would like to meet each other one day. That’s just what happens when you’re a pickler!

Pickleball at YesPickleball.com – How it got Started

Ever since I hit my 3rd shot (or there abouts – let’s not argue the small stuff) using the good ole wooden version of the pickle paddle, I have progressively thought about being an advocate of this great game and what better way than to become a conduit of information to pickleball the game, and paddles, products and equipment. (It just so happens that I also like to play on the computer, doing in particular, website building).

I could sense the rising tide in something that I quickly grew to love in this game pickleball. In my past life I learnt about Amazon selling which taught me many things about online shopping and ecommerce before eventually and strategically slowly doing all that I needed to do to now share this website with you and the world.

It happens that most people also demand quality products and from experience I think we all know that just because a product carries a name, it is not necessarily a good product or good for you. A can of coke is a fine example as is Gummy bears. Sure they taste good, but are not good for you in anyway shape or form.

Pickleball at YesPickleball.com is For Picklers

Pickleball at YesPickleball.com therefore is about sought after information that picklers want to know (that we discover through the very search terms you use), and quality products at every turn because it complies with my own mantra, it gives you a great resource that you can rely on and it obviously builds the YesPickleball brand (where ever I can) which is good for everybody.

Pickleball at YesPickleball.com promotes quality suppliers, affiliates, resources and outlets who have proved themselves time and time again with an aim to please whatever the request. If a problem arises they fix it. If a question is asked they answer it. If a developmental product or change is needed to anything – the job gets done. It then makes it very easy to promote the guarantee of service and recommended products that you will find here on YesPickleball.com with the sole purpose to make you happy with your purchase and we hope, to become a raving fan of our total resources.

Obviously it is great to spread the love and the joy of the game that comes with it and there is no better way to do that than through our recommended merchandise. This is an extremely exciting part of Pickleball at YesPickleball.com particularly when we create our very own products as it is both creative and will be extremely satisfying to see you (all picklers) wear our brand or recommended designs with pride.

Let me say thank you (in advance) – with every intended product that goes out the door and that of our suppliers doors brings a smile of satisfaction to our face (and theirs I am sure) as much as it does to yours (we hope) and others when you use or wear our creation or recommendation of love and dedication of what really is a fun, fantastic, competitive and a widely popular game.   

So, now here we are. Our first foray as this is written is the much loved pickleball themed t-shirts and the growing merchandise market or “everything pickleball” through our affiliates that I hope in the nicest intent that you find it hard to decide which one or thing you want to order first.

And yes as you might expect, we are always sourcing and adding quality pickleball products to our shopping list. We hope you join us on our journey and if you like our shirts and other products then spread the word, join our facebook page and stay in touch because you know it is all about us – the picklers of this world.

By the way check out our Facebook Pickleball Equipment Deals page via our link here or below for dynamic offers that we post on our page. 


YesPickleball wants to communicate with you. We want to know what you are thinking, how you feel, and what you want because without your voice, we are only guessing.

We offer you the ability to make suggestions to anything we supply or recommend. If demand literally demands it then we want to make it happen.


Pickleball at YesPickleball.com is committed to source, design, offer and recommend quality gear. We are picklers at heart and we love sharing this great game. Quality products in our mind are an awesome way to do this.

It is also why any Yes product we promote is branded. Our personal brand (as it grows one product at a time) stands and will for pillars of excellent quality, service, contact, and communication. No catch cry here, we are who we say we are which is why you can contact me – Tom directly and because I live internationally to most people, skype is the absolute perfect way to make contact. We can talk with voice or we can meet by video – oh the marvels of the internet!

(I might add that sometimes this gets to be a massive growing task with diminishing time in every day so unless specifically requested, I sometimes receive a helping hand with this.)

We carry our personal brand and we know and guarantee our brand- we source and use the best resources available and if we carry it, we stand behind it because we have played, used, own and worn (almost) everything we personally sell. If there is any ‘fail’ in our system with service of supply we simply fix it, no ifs or buts!

The only thing that applies which is absolutely fair on both sides of this ‘supply source’ is that there are absolutely no ifs or buts with any product we supply if by any unforeseen reason a fault happened from normal use.

YesPickleball.com is as you can see, has its own growing brand – we are us. 

Pickleball at YesPickleball Contact Us

You can contact me, “Tom" at yespickl@yespickleball.com

Or Skype ID: tomtom139

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