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Pickleball Central was at the outset started by a frustration in not being able to conveniently buy pickleball ‘stuff’ (stuff being everything pickleball). Back in 2006, Anna the wife and co-owner with husband David of what has now become Pickleball Central had die hard pickleball parents. Wanting to help, encourage and support them in their sporting love and not being able to easily do so, they spotted an opportunity in the online market of pickleball supplies.

They started out selling pickleball T-Shirts online and then added paddles, balls and books and DVD’s and on into pickleball everthing. In Anna’s words, “Our house was pickleball from floor to ceiling”.

David and Anna have two daughters Aller and Olivia and they loved the pickleball “paraphernalia”  playing with paddles and balls and anything else their child minds would entertain.

As the sport has grown in popularity – which as we are all witnessing is quite unbelievable where you can now play the sport in every state in the USA and rapidly spreading to countries as far as Thailand, the UK and Australia, the demand for quality products also grew and what started as a home business now required a factory location in Camp Washington, a hope skip and jump away from where pickleball started all those years (about 6 decades) ago in Bainbridge island.

They have two pretty simple missions in business they say and that is to treat people they way they want to be treated in their interaction with them and with their subsequent purchases and to bring fun to the world.

The list of available purchases is long and includes:

PADDLES – by type, profile, weight/grip, brand, best value

BALLS – for every occasion - Indoor Pickleballs, Outdoor Pickleballs, TOP Pickleballs, Dura Pickleballs, Jugs Pickleballs, Onix Pickleballs

NETS – Portable Pickleball Nets, Court Acessories, Pickleball Replacement Nets, Pickleball Posts

SETS – Complete Pickleball Sets, Paddle Bundles

CLOTHES – for men, women, youth, pickleball Shirts, USAPA Apparel, Hats & Visors, Glasses, Gloves, braces and supports

ACCESSORIES that include – Pickleball Bags and Covers, Jewelry, Court Accessories, Paddle Grips, Training Aids, Books and Videos, Gifts, Tournament Products and Gift Certificates

DEALS such as – On Sale, Free Gift with Purchase, New Arrivals, Clearance and Factory Seconds, Used Paddles and Equipment, Paddles under $50

PickleballCentral Store in Kent, Washington

In April 2017, Pickleball Central moved to a new location in Kent, Washington (about 3 blocks from old location).
Their new address is:
22330 68th Ave. South
Kent, WA 98032
Their new retail store is now open for business and is operated by their sister company Pickleball Station.
Pickleball Station Store Hours:
Monday-Friday 9 am-9 pm PT
Saturday/Sunday 9 am-5 pm PT

YesPickleball is an affiliate of Pickleball Central and support and recommend them where ever we can. With your help and theirs we can spread the love of pickleball and have access to quality pickleball goods (and services) online.

Pickleball Central - YesPickleball.com

Pickleball Central is a retail outlet and they market to sell stuff obviously. This website YesPickleball.com looks a lot deeper into products available and is about giving you full explanations and a deeper understanding of everything pickleball, be it in trying to decide what paddle is best for you or that you want to build your own pickleball court and you need dimensions and ideas.

It is our joy to bring this information to you along with of course that of Pickleball Central so that we do indeed become one of the worlds biggest, most friendly and fun clubs in the sporting and recreational world.

If you have not yet sent us information about your club for us to post your information in our directory of clubs – then get cracking. Yes, you are invited to do so for us to spread your pickleworld – absolutely free of charge. A good example of information to send us about you and your club can be viewed here at pickleball Chiangmai.

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