Pickleball Court Surface Options – What To Consider

Pickleball Court surface options are a topic of design interest for many right now as Baby Boomers continue to enter retirement and their siblings are taking up the game of pickleball in record numbers. Whether you've finally decided to make better use of your back yard or re-purposing an underused tennis of basketball court or refitting a gym area, you have a number of court surface options available to choose from.

The Pickleball court surface you choose is dependent on a few key considerations such as:

·         Is your court indoors or outdoors

·         Do you intend to play a lot of pickleball on the court

·         Will this be a do it yourself project or a paid service

·         What size budget do you have

At the outset it is safe to say that you can play pickleball on pretty much any surface that tennis can be played on and one of the cheapest of these is plain old concrete. Next would be bitumen asphalt and likely next would be an overlay low pile carpet.

The surface you choose will also likely be limited with some choices be it indoors or outdoors however. A carpet over lay is not so good exposed to the weather of outdoors and timber flooring belongs indoors protected from the rain and extremes of temperature.

If the court is intended to see a lot of action, a surface that is easy on the balls in respect of wear will be a consideration. While it might be a cheap option to stick with or resurface with concrete or asphalt, the wear and tear on balls will be marked and subsequent cost for balls (and footwear) tends to be significantly higher. Asphalt can seem less hard to play on but unless it is a superior smooth finish it will chop your balls around – (and your footwear).

Most flooring types can be competently laid by the DIY-selfer with a bit of experience but if you have the budget for both a premium surface and for specialized layers then a great surface option that can be over-layed on asphalt or concrete is an acrylic coating. There are a number of suppliers of these types of acrylic coatings offering a number of different products.

Acrylotex is a high performance court surface made for both indoor and outdoor use that can be over layed on asphalt or concrete. It has a choice of surface textures depending on how much grip is desired and a long list of colors. http://plexipave.com/basketball-other-sports

Plexiflor is a reinforced, smooth acrylic coating that can also be used over asphalt or concrete. It is an all-weather, non-abrasive, textured, surface that is also available in a variety of colors.


The ultimate Pickleball Court Surface


The ProCushion System is the ultimate professional and residential cushioned option for pickleball court surfaces. It is a 100% acrylic coating system with built-in benefits over and above other acrylic surfaces. 

It is designed to be joint-friendly play with what are effectively shock absorbing layers.



ProCushion state, “the system provides unparalleled player comfort at an affordable cost”! They go onto say in their promotion of the product that it provides optimum resilience and that the “Flexible acrylic binders maintain the cushion feel of the rubber granules for many years after application.”

Certainly the premium very low maintenance Pickleball court surface of an acrylic overlay is an added expense to the base of concrete or asphalt that is likely already laid, however it is the perfect solution to resurfacing and is an awesome court surface to play on.

An acrylic surface offers many benefits

·         It is ideal for minimizing surface glare

·         It is ideal for Asphalt and concrete preservation

·         It is a safe, custom textured playing surface

·         It contains rounded, non-aggressive silica sand for traction

·         It is available in a variety of standard colors

·         The manufacturers ensure clients that installers are available nationwide, and around the world

·         It is a water-based product with a low VOC formula (environmentally friendly)

·         The The ProCushion System encompasses shock absorbing layers

The premium Pickleball Court Surface that acrylic offers is well worth the Benjamin Franklins if you can spare them.

Having worked through Pickleball Court Surface Options – What To Consider, your next logical step is to know Pickleball court dimensions, net specifications and additional need to know info to satisfy the required specifications of a legal pickleball court. Check out: Pickleball Court Dimensions – What Are They

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