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Hi guys Tom here with a quick intro to Facebook Pickleball Equipment Deals.

YesPickleball.com - this website is intended to offer you the pickler lots of pickle information that we know most people are looking for and of course pickleball gear that is encompassed in Pickleball Equipment Deals. 

Knowing also that we picklers are always chasing a good deal be that for a new pickleball paddle or a net or set or even a bundle or maybe even shirts… and or shoes - you could of course visit our site every day to search every page which as this site continues to grow would be time not spent on the court and we all know that is a crime. Ha…!

So why not make it as easy as possible for you to be notified of any ‘special deal’ that comes through automatically. How so? Facebook makes it too easy. Everybody checks facebook and most people have notifications set to on – (it means you automatically get notified when a message is posted to any page that you have liked).

It then means we simply communicate with you primarily through our facebook page. No need to specifically sign up to a list or special once-a-month newsletter. No need to check your email and fear missing a special pickleball equipment deal. 

Simply like our facebook page and you’re done. How easy is that!

Plus our posts encompass everything pickleball so rest easy, it is not just a market place but we are pretty sure most people are happy to see what is out there in pickleball world and particularly so if there is a ‘deal going’.

So make it easy on yourself, have some fun, stay informed, keep in touch with our pickle page, make a post if you like or give some feedback and likely save some money on the way.

And yes, we have an opt-in list here also if you want to join that. We do communicate with you from time to time if you join that special notifications.

That too is pretty easy to get onto also, simply click to download our ebook -  Pickleball Sport and your good to go. Don’t expect too many emails via that opt-in however.

Basically we reserve that for “Special Stuff” like pickleball tours information or big ticket items, tournaments etc.

So that’s about it, simply follow the link to our facebook page to check us out – and yes, LIKE us and you will then be in the loop as we post to facebook (including equipment deals) that you may just like enough to save some money on.

And just to show you what can you expect…

Pickleball Equipment Deals - Example

 Here is an example of what you’ll miss if you don’t like us..

52% Discount!
Amazin' Aces Pickleball Paddle Bundle | Set Includes Two Wood Paddles + Four Balls + One Mesh Pickleball Carrying Bag | Great For Beginners | Includes PDF w/ Rules & Tips | Meets USAPA Specs

50% Discount
Pickleball Paddle by Sabu: Aluminum Honeycomb Carbon Fibre Pro Series - Best for Beginner to Advanced players, Indoor or Outdoor Paddles, Bonus Gift - 2 Balls Included in package

41% Discount
Pickleball Paddle Graphite Face Polymer Honeycomb Core Ultra Cushion Grip Low Profile Edge Guard Perfect Grip Size Light Weight Neoprene Case

These deals are mostly posted at complete random and are sourced anywhere they are found - from Amazon to Stucco to Zazzel -  Basically if we spot a deal for picklers we'll
post it on our facebook page.

Note: These deals are dynamic (which  means we post them as we see them) and we do not guarantee their sources or their supply - we are simply the conduit to let you know about them. 

So head on over to our Facebook Page and a simple LIKE puts our deals on automatic pilot - easy peazy.

Oh yes one more thing - spread the love - we love you for it. 

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