Pickleball Equipment Needed to Play and Pickleball Merchandise Available

The Pickleball Equipment needed to get started in the game of pickleball as a newbie player really is minimal. Sure you will need a friend or two, a place to play with a court which I’ll discuss in a moment but the playing equipment (commercially known as a pickleball 'set') needed in brief is:

·         A pickleball paddle

·         A pickleball ball/s

·         A pickleball net

·       A rule book

Personal 'equipment' needed

·         Some sport attire and court shoes or typical runners

And of course

·         1, 2 or 3 other players to play with

·         A court (or area) to play on

 That is pretty much it!

Pickleball Merchandise expanding

Let me add that yes, you will now also see that there is a expanding market of pickleball merchandise available of products like bags, jewelry, specific paddle grips, books, videos, training aids, court accessories, gifts and gift certificates. You will also find that there are more suppliers with more options of these and other pickleball merchandise products however, all of that is extra to the core basics of what you need to play right now.

Pickleball Equipment - start costs


·   A wooden pickleball paddle at starter level will set you back a whopping $15 to 20 bucks – (can you see where I am going with this)? Each player needs a paddle of course.


·         A ball is around the price of a bottle of mineral water – between $2 and $4 (it is good to have a few balls on the court to save chasing balls all the time)


·         A pickleball net (if not playing at a facility that has one) is your most expensive investment at around $170 to $200

Rule Book

·      Purchase for $6 or download for free with a google search

 Wooden pickleball paddles were all the rage when pickleball was invented – it was all they had and they work just as well today as they did way back when. However, like all things through time they progress and like the tennis racquet, the pickleball merchandise market has taken full advantage of technology and design to produce and offer what they call composite paddles made with inner cores of nomax, aluminum or polymere and outer skins of fibre glass or graphite. 

As you can imagine these Composite Paddles are somewhat more expensive than the good old wooden paddles and if you are like most people that “try” pickleball, you will undoubtedly want to upgrade pretty quickly.

A composite paddle is lighter, offers special playing qualities because of their construction and material that they are made of such as increased power, maneuverability, touch and feel, all buzz words that will mean more when you play with such a paddle. The cost of a composite paddle can range anywhere between $50 to $100 or more.

Your preferred ball selection may be a cost or cost saving to you depending on the ball you like to use. While there is a huge selection in colors and choice, it really gets down to either indoor or outdoor balls. And yes as expected, these have slightly different playing qualities as well.

With nets you are pretty much stuck in the price range mentioned. Just to make things easy and to ensure you get an approved net (width, height, net size etc) make sure the net you buy is a USAPA approved net and you will be good to go. The “approved net” means that it is regulation size with a width of 22 feet and a net height of 36 inches at the sideline and 34 inches at the center.

So the expected grass roots Pickleball Equipment total starter cost would be:

·         4x$20 paddles = $80

·         4x$2 balls = $8

·         1x$180 net = $180

Total = $270 dollars round figures

NOTE: This is commercially known as a pickleball 'set' from Pickleball Equipment suppliers.

Typical Set costs range from $270 to $470 depending on included content and standard of inclusions

Add miscellaneous expenses of:

Court costs about $5 to $10 an hour

Your sporting apparel, footwear etc – Personal choice

Paddle upgrade – Personal choice

1, 2 or 3 friends – coffee or drinks and a meal after some great fun – Personal choice

If your starter pack of Pickleball Equipment has converted you into a dedicated picker and would like to help show, grow and support the great game of pickleball, checkout other pickleball merchandise available.

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