Pickleball Exercise – Loosen Up and Warm up Before Your Game

Pickleball Exercise to warm up before the game - What? Isn’t that what the game is for you ask? For many of us, we just want to get out and have a hit and all that loosen and warm up stuff will happen on the court. Invariably however what happens all too often is that you are quickly into a game and you’ll need to stretch something to get to a ball and then something will say oouuuch! Be that a hamstring, be that a shoulder or a back muscle or it might even be a neck muscle.

So if you are a get up and go person that is keen to get into it, be forwarned by a truck load of similar type people who have gone before you, 3 or 4 minutes to do some basic stretching and some simple warm up exercises not only makes you feel better but goes a long way to prevent some injuries that you get when over stretching cold muscles. 

Best Pickleball Exercise

So what pickleball exercise is best before a game? In short there is no one best exercise for everyone  other than to say that everyone should stretch their major muscles a little bit and get the blood pumping in a 3 to 4 minute pre-game warm up.

This should at least cover a stretch of your hamstings and calves, your shoulders and arms and some trunk twists.  Compound exercises which are exercises that involve more than one muscle group are great to get the blood pumping a little bit and these are pretty simple to do. Again you don’t need much but at least do a little.

Two legged squats are quick and easy or you might prefer to do lunges with a bit if a stretch in-between for your legs. For your upper body you could do push aways which is basically a pushup in the near vertical position as you would be leaning against the rail of a fence or even a chair back. Of course a quick twenty pushups will have most people puffing a little and I find are great for pickleball warm ups but for every day conditioning. If you start out doing 5 or 10 pushups a day, you will quickly find yourself doing 20 if you are serious. From there it could be a daily or weekly challenge to up your total, however I digress.

And for the mid region you could simply do a few deadlifts with no weight but with the action. 

From this pretty basic and quick warm up, you can add to it depending on your personal fitness level and your expected style of play. A hit and giggle session is not nearly as taxing as a truly competitive game so in the end it is up to you if you’d like to get more serious about your warm up. For some this is a few running laps around the court or a few short sprints up and down the court both forward and backwards, which is very game related because it mimics the way you will play anyway.

The most important thing about pickleball exercise before a game for most however is that you actually do some appropriate stretching in whatever area that is for you but if you do lower, mid and upper body your will have yourself covered. Don’t forget a little huffy puffy to get your blood flowing pre-game and you will give yourself a little added protection from injury, particularly early in your play and you’ll be warmed up and ready to play when first serve comes.

Of course a little preplay Pickleball Exercise could also include a few gentle hits after your stretching and huffy puffy exercises to get your eye in on the ball with some practice hitting which most people funnily enough don’t have any resistance to doing. 

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