Pickleball Nets –
The Specifications and Best Net to Buy

Pickleball nets while pretty rudimentary and unexciting still have to comply with some basic measurements.

The easiest and most universal and let me say portable net that complies is the official USAPA portable net which enables you to easily play pickleball anytime, anywhere! The USAPA Portable Net System is the original pickleball portable net system and by no co-incidence it is the only net used by USAPA for national and regional tournaments.

As of 2016 this net went through a bit of a redesign and added a number of new features and upgrades. The statistics of it are still 22 feet wide but it has an upgraded black nylon net. The net obviously meets the IFP spec height of 36 inches at the sideline and 34 inches at the center and the net tensioners are now a Velcro material at the top of the net. The dismountable circle piped frame is all steel with horizontal legs that are wide enough for stand-alone support plus one support in the middle for cross-bar support.

Assembly takes just a jiffy (which in Australian speak) translates to less than 5 minutes. The carry bag is compartmentalized with dividers for net, frame and legs which makes it all nice and neat when tied in place with the straps provided. The carry storage back measures 38 inches by 6 inches and while the frame parts are numbered for easy assembly, and yes it does come with instructions, you do not need to follow sequence of numbers to erect successfully.

The total weight of the net and frame along with the bag tops out at about 30 pounds which makes for easy transportation and storage. 

There are a number of suppliers and portable systems on the market and all have their so-called features and pricing obviously however be sure of a few mandatory things. One of those to be aware of is size. There are suppliers in the market place that offer undersize nets such as the Franklin Sports Quickset pickleball starter set. Why? I have absolutely no idea and don’t care to find out. Why bother, simply ensure that the net you buy complies with this pretty basic ‘correct size’ requirement.

Not Recommended

Some suppliers will add a ‘sellable’ feature like a pickleball holder such as the Rally portable net that comes with a ball holder. But really, do you really need one and are you prepared to pay the difference in price to get this feature. Others again will offer nets in packages including the balls and paddles- The paddles are more often than not starter paddles and if you are anything more than a beginner in this wonderful sport you will quickly want to go on and purchase your own composite pickleball paddle. 


The Picklenet Pickleball nets are really great nets for a beginner or advanced player however some have reported that the support bars are not that steady.

Pickleball Nets - get what you pay for

Most Recommended

In the end you get what you pay for and while all have their own pricing, the USAPA Portable Net System I believe is the no-nonsense one that is the perfect choice for pickleball players as it is the only approved net used in tournament play and its price is pretty reasonable.  

Currently the net is priced between $US120 to $US160. A great purchase point is Amazon or any of the growing number of suppliers of pickleball equipment.

Replacement pickleball nets only are also available and can be picked up for around the $US40 dollar mark.

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