Pickleball Paddle Grips, Over Grips and How to Apply a Grip

Pickleball paddle grips. The grip on a pickleball paddle is one of the most important parts of your paddle. Your paddle handle at skeleton level is made up of the core of the paddle plus the top and bottom faces. It also has handle blocks added to both sides of the core which make the size and shape foundation of the handle.   

Pickleball Paddle Grips

Grip sizes are commercially available in 3 dominant sizes being small, medium and large with:

  • Small size being 4 and 1/8th inches in circumference
  • Medium size being 4 and ¼ inches 
  • Large size being 4 and ½ inches

What is your grip size?

You can try to be technical here with establishing your grip size but the described ways that you will see somewhere out there on some web page are so subjective that I wouldn’t trust my own measurement. Let me describe an example before common sense steps in.


Ring Finger Measurement: A player can measure his or her grip size with a ruler. Your palm has three creases. Measure the distance from the tip of your ring finger, down to the middle crease in your palm to find your grip size.

Apparently this will be the size of the handle that you will need however can anyone state what constitutes the middle crease in your palm and if they can then at exactly what point is the measurement taken from and how can we be universally accurate at reading the measurement? Remember you have a minute margin of error between the sizes of 4  1/8”   – 4 ¼” and  4 ½ “

Common sense to the rescue

Most people instinctively know whether they have small, medium or big hands and if in doubt the simple and absolute best way to know your grip size is to actually hold a pickleball paddle or better yet have a few hits with the paddle. If it feels right for you then that is your size.

One worthy recommendation to note here is that if you think you are between sizes then opt to go the smaller size because you can always make it bigger with an over grip if needed but you can never make it smaller without reconstructive surgery on the paddle.

Your grip will need to contend with “gripability” and sweaty palms! (While gripability is not a word- it should be because you know what I mean). Sweat for many is a big issue, particularly if you call Thailand home as I do. (Hot and sweaty one day changing to sweaty and hot the next!)

In such conditions or if you are a natural sweater, then it is not uncommon to need to replace the existing grip on your paddle and more often if you are the sweat hog from hell. In part because they can get to smell – in fact they can get to stink a lot if you don’t purposefully clean them and they go onto either frey or wear through eventually with use.  

What are the best pickleball paddle Grips

There are a huge variety of replacement pickleball paddle grips on the market ranging from synthetic, to leather to cloth to cushion contour grips and variations of these with vent/grip holes, ridges and patterns and in various thicknesses and in all the colors of the rainbow.

Simply choose one that you like – sure it has to have “gripability” and for most paddle owners it needs to look good with the right feel and function, but it remains pretty much a personal choice – it is your paddle.

Pickleball Paddle Grips
re-grip - overgrip?

Can you reliably re-grip your own paddle?

Can you reliably re-grip your own paddle?

It is an extremely easy process to re-grip a handle so have confidence that practically anyone can do this. The simplest instruction I can give you is to simply watch the video here and you will be good to buy and apply your new grip. 

Over Grip – what is it?

Simply it means to put another grip on-top of an existing paddle grip. Why would you do that? This can be done for two reasons – primarily because it can very easily and cheaply increase the size of your grip particularly if you use a cushion grip which will naturally be thicker than a normal grip because of its cushioning function.

Secondly if you use a very thin grip, it is again an easy and cheap exercise to renew your grip without removing your old grip first.  To remove or not remove you old grip is up to you and it really depends a lot on its condition and if you will be happy with the final grip size when you have applied the over grip.

How to you apply an over grip. Very much the same way you would re-grip but the simplest instruction I can give you again is to simply watch the video here and you will be good to buy and apply your new Over-Grip 

A somewhat less replaced but none the less important accessory as pickleball paddle grips and over grips is that of the Pickleball paddle edge guard.

While more of an initial purchase consideration, let’s take a quick look to see if there is an advantage to a pickleball paddle edge guard and if so what is it and what considerations should you have if you either have one or want to apply one to protect your paddle. Check out Pickleball Paddle Edge Guard – Are They Necessary and Why? (link)

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