Pickleball Regulation Rules

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Pickleball Regulation Rules as defined by the Official Pickleball Rules book are narrated in quick easy to view videos here in each identified section.

Pickleball Regulation Rules

Pickleball Ball Specifications 
Section 2 - 2.D to 2.D.7

Video in brief: Like paddles, balls construction is made to spec covering what it is made of, the size, weight, number of holes, hardness and very importantly bounce height... plus a little bit more.

Pickleball Paddles Specifications
Section 2E to 2.E.8

Video in brief: There is much more to the design specifications of a pickleball paddle than meets the eye. Everything from the size, the surface, what is written on it or any motive is included in the rules. It must also be approved and commercially available to be able to be used in tournaments.

Pickleball Clothing Specifications - Section 2, 2.F - 2G

Video in Brief: While clothing may be of any color and must be in good taste, did you know that you may be required to change wet, extremely loose-fitting or otherwise distracting garments? (Interesting if not subjective to say the least.)

Pickleball Service Faults and Lets - Section 4, 4.D to 4.E.7 

Video in brief: Feet, Faults, Lets - nothing complicated but what about partner interference, net touching and kitchen line. Any player can call let and any call can be over-ridden by a referee.   

Pickleball Line Call Rules -
Section 6

Video in Brief: Line Call Rules while quite straight forward, can be a bone of contention in a game and more so the more competitive the game. Simply knowing these rules and abiding by them should sort the calling of line calls out however. A big take-away with Line Call Rules is that if you didn't see it you cannot call it and if in doubt, the benefit of that doubt goes to the opposing team. - Why? Aside that you cannot call it otherwise, it is in the pickleball regulation rules and that is pickleball.

Pickleball Rules for Non-Volley Zone Rules - Section 9

Video in Brief: The non-volley zone affectionately known as the Kitchen, is major area of play in pickleball. There are a number of fundimental rules that are often misunderstood concerning the kitchen. 

One is that if a players momentum after hitting a shot sees them enter the kitchen even after the point is won is actually a fault and the point is lost.
This video will advise more on this, when you can be in out of the kitchen and other faults concerning kitchen play. 

Pickleball Rules for Pickleball Scoring – Game - Match Rules - Section 10

Video in brief: Only the scoring team can score and normally the first side to 11 points with a margin of 2 wins the game. However, some games can be played to 15 or 21 points.
Very importantly, you must call the score in the correct format before you serve or lose the serve!

Pickleball Rules for Other Rules 
Section 12, 12A to 12N 

Video in brief: The 'Other' rules of pickleball are just as important as any of the rules of pickleball. Here things like double hits, switching hands, cracked balls, injuries or player equipment problems are addressed as are distractions, net posts and the legality of hitting around them.

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