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Pickleball Reviews reviews anything pickleball. In short, if you have anything pickleball that you want reviewed by us and revealed to our site visiting audience then simply get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to check your “anything pickleball” out and write an honest straight forward user review and display it here on YesPickleball.

Pickleball Reviews


  • 1) Why do we review?


  • 2) Why would you have us do a review?

Why do we review, pickleball reviews that is (of anything pickleball)? Because we love pickleball and so do our site visitors.

Why would you have us do a review, on your product, merchandise, service or anything pickleball?

Firstly for the very same reason we do this - Because we love pickleball and so do our site visitors.

Secondly because having a quality product of 'anything pickleball' is just one half of the business product promotion equation. The second part is telling your potential pickleball customers about it and better yet having it told by a third party is far more creditable to any customer than any direct company marketing.

Marketing is not a Dirty Word

A quality product cannot sell itself but it must be a quality product to sell, particularly over the long term. The proven effective in-between catalyst to customer purchase is undoubtedly a review. Just cite Amazon as the prime example.

A review comes from a user’s perspective. It is the natural social proof that people look for and take notice of when researching their product purchase interests. We take the time necessary to use, review and write about your product and then post it here on YesPickleball.com for the benefit of our site visitors.

We also post our reviews (your product) to our social media (and others) to further spread the word on "anything" pickleball.    

Have you got “anything Pickleball” to review? – yes literally. Maybe it’s a paddle, a paddle cover, paddle grips, a ball, clothing, hats, shirts, shoes, jewelry,  nets,  a pickleball machine, a pickleball holiday, vacation or tour, tournaments, xmas, birthday or holiday ‘pickle’ gifts – you name it. If it has anything to do with pickleball then simply get in touch with us here – (via our contact page

Note: We reach thousands of picklers who just love the game of pickleball every month.

Before you go: Want to do a review and also run a social media competition give away of your product - yeh we're happy to promote that also. 

Pickleball Reviews

To get a review of your product posted here and be seen by thousands of visitors to this site... for life.

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