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How to Think and Play Better 

A tennis players approach to playing pickleball sport

Pickleball Sport is an ebook written from a tennis players approach to playing the game and how the author – Tom, a self-confessed pickleball nut thinks and ultimately plays better and how you can too.

This book is not typical pickleball because Tom was not taught the game of pickleball by someone who knew how to play it. He plays pickleball based on a tennis background and in now playing the way he does and comparing how he plays to the way one might say a typical pickleball player plays the game – there are obvious differences.

A key difference in the way he plays and the way he see’s some of the top players play is with the short game and percentage play. He plays a tennis style type of game which is more akin to singles pickleball and is about shot placement, pace, execution and aggression while some of the established picklers play a dink patient game.

Yes it is correct to say that pickleball is not tennis but it is not correct to say that some of tennis should not be infused with how you play pickleball. - Tom adds, that he practices the way he wants to play so that one day he can play as he practices.

Pickleball Sport

Hi guys, Tom here, the pickleball nut and author of Pickleball Sport – let me just give you a quick into Pickleball Sport from my point of view.

First up, what I promise you in this ebook is that this will improve your game without question if you implement just some of what you will learn. If you then just practice like you would like to play so that you eventually play like you practice – you will absolutely and definitely improve your game.

I think the problem with any sport is that you can become conditioned to a custom – or at least a style of play because ‘that is how it is played’.  And even though we have seen considerable change in the way pickleball is played since its early days, I believe the future offers more change.

I will say that I struggled with the game when I first started playing – trying to play the game as best I could and it really was a make it up as I go along game for a long time before I started to get the “hang of it”; not only from a hitting style of game but also a thinking or strategic style of game.  Little did I know that I wasn’t really conforming to the “way the game is traditionally played”. And then when I then started to practice the way that I wanted to play, my game become more the way that I practiced.

When I practice play pickleball, I seldom play for per percentage wins, particularly at the start of a game. There is nothing in my thinking and approach to playing that says, just get it in and let them make the mistake. Yes there can sometimes be times to switch to this type of play, but rarely when I practice.

My biggest gift to you at this moment in Pickleball Sport however is to advise to simply train the way you want to play. Be aggressive at the game. Take the shot. Essentially it says, who cares who wins the game if you are training which by definition means you are learning to get better. You will go through a learning curve and possibly a losing streak, but it is not forever. As you get better at what you practice, you will find that playing it safe is not in fact safe.

Playing safe will take on a whole new meaning.

Playing safe when serving a ball will not be lobbing it center court to make sure you get it in so that the opposition might make a mistake. Playing safe on your serve will be about making it as difficult as possible for the opposition player to return so that you heighten the chance that the opposition will make a mistake or even force one - not hope for one.

And lastly before you download and get into Pickleball Sport, is to add variety to your game

Just as what I call ‘traditional pickle play’ is important to your game, so too is a tennis style of play. You might say a soft game and a hard game or a pickle and banger approach. Variety of skill set will set you apart. When you can go from being a finesse dinker to a driving tennis style smasher, you will always have the opposition wondering what you’re going to do next not only with shot play but with court positioning and that becomes very much in your favour.

So without much more ado as they say, let’s start at the basics with you as the player and game strategy

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