Pickleball Technique – How Important Is It Anyway?

Pickleball technique here is about how you prepare, position, hit and follow through on the ball, not so much about game plan or strategy. Yes we could argue that they interlock and they do, however this is commentary on technique not pickleball strategy.

First up...

Do You Need Correct Pickleball Technique to Play Pickleball?

The answer is no. Anyone can get out on a court with a paddle, ball, a net and someone to play with and have a real hoot of a time. When you have players of equal ability playing each other, it ensures that there is always great competition in the play that comes from it.

The qualifier here is that your pickleball technique or lack of it can become a limiting factor to progress and subsequent player rating level and usually more so the higher the rating. And it is the same with pretty much any sport that you care to name – it is also why we have coaches for those very same sports. Proper technique enables you to play to the best of your ability. It is about preparing, positioning, hitting and following through on a hit ball so that you hit it as well as you possibly can because your ‘proper’ or ‘correct’ technique enables it.

And while there is no absolute and totally correct one Pickleball Technique for hitting a pickleball for everybody, there is an ideal technique that will serve everybody well. The old mantra of practice makes perfect also needs a qualifier. It is only when you know the correct technique that practice makes perfect. No amount of practicing the wrong technique will make you better at the right one. It will only make you better at the wrong one and in default that limits your potential.

A really easy to understand example of correct technique is to understand one example of it and that is that correct technique requires you to prepare, position, hit and following through on a hit ball that subsequently enables you to hit a ball in the sweet spot of your paddle and produce the required shot.

A Pickleball Paddle like a tennis racquet, like a baseball or cricket bat, has a sweet spot. If a ball impacts at the sweet spot, the force transmitted to the hand is sufficiently small that the player is almost unaware that the impact has occurred. But for a better description – it feels perfectly sweet.

Golfers instinctively know and can recognize what this feels like exactly and instantaneously.

The sweet spot is a place where a combination of factors results in a maximum response for a given amount of effort. In tennis, squash, racquetball, baseball, cricket or golf, a given swing will result in a more powerful hit if the ball strikes the racket, bat or club sweet spot.

Your paddle in the same vain also has a sweet spot which proves to be the ideal spot to hit a pickleball. It is very near to center of your paddle on most paddles and anecdotally some suggest it is center and slightly towards the head of the paddle. A fact that the tennis elite have after many years believing that the sweet spot is the absolute centre of the racquet head can now prove categorically that this is not in fact so.

It is in fact slightly north of centre and using the same analogy, one can justifiably reason that a pickleball paddle may be the same, however, the paddle having a hard face may actually change this dynamic a little.

The point is however is that if you hit a pickleball with the correct technique, it will feel just right and produces a perfectly well hit stroke.

The ‘how to’ of proper Pickleball Technique is a whole new discussion and is not the intent of this commentary other than to say there are few players at the top of their game in any sport that do not have good technique as a core element of their game and pickleball is no exception.

Learning correct technique is vital to achieving maximum potential and equally important is a plan of how to play the game .

So if you want to Play Pickleball like the top players; what is it that they consistently do  most in the game of pickleball as a base standard of playing the game?

In Play Pickleball - Ok What's the Plan Stan we discuss what matters most in how to play pickleball in the same way you would describe how a football match or baseball game is played by those that know how to play.

Pickleball Games and Drills are great and necessary to improve your game – doing them with fun gives added purpose and better results. See how you can easily make practice fun.

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