Pickleball Tournament Info Around the World

This page will help you to find Pickleball Tournament info around the world and to subsequently register in one as a player if you just follow the links.

Yes this game pickleball is going gangbusters and there are all sorts of publications, organisations and websites leading the charge with tournament, games, competition, player registration and pickleball information and  it can be difficult as I quickly found out to get definitive information or even know where to get it on any particular pickleball tournament.

If you are like me, good luck with anything else except a timely google search because there is a sea of webpages out there and all seem to be both interconnected and not connected at the same time. You would think there would be one governing body but in a world of free choice and a certain amount of non-regulation and private enterprise, it seems that there is NO one go-to-place!

Pickleball Tournament Confusion

You have some competitions present as a tournament and you have others presented as championships. To add to the mix you will also find pickleball camps! Then in the USA for example you have the USAPA (the website) with a list of tournament information and then you have PickleballTournaments (the website) with a crossover of the same thing. You then find that there is a smaller reference to Tournament information on any number of ‘location specific’ websites both locally in the USA and Internationally. 

What is my recommendation? What’s the solution?

In short, it all depends on where you are or where you want to enter to play a Tournament.

We have taken the hard work out of this for you

Simply click on any of the direct links provided on this page below. It will save you a truck load of time and is why this page is here for you because I at first simply wanted to know what Pickle Tournament is being played where, the information about it and if I wanted to enter how I would go about it.

Pickleball Tournament Links USA

So for USA Tournament info I would go to these three websites first:

Pickleball Tournament Links International

For international Pickleball Tournament information the Member Countries of the International Federation of Pickleball websites will help you in your search.

The International Federation of Pickleball (IFP), is a non-profit organization armed and run by volunteers.

It is a world governing body of pickleball and naturally promotes the game in all its aspects with the ultimate goal to achieve official recognition by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in order to establish pickleball as an Olympic sport.

The international Federation of pickleball (IFP) Member Countries are:

Canadian Pickleball Association

Spanish Pickleball Association

All India Pickleball Association

French Pickleball Association

United Kingdom Pickleball Association

Great Britain Pickleball Association

Dutch Pickleball Association

A quick click and search on the relevant country websites should help you find what you are seeking to find for any pickleball tournaments, games, competition, player registration and pickleball information in the world.

It should be remembered that in order to be able to register for tournament play you will need to know your personal competency level. Pickleball Ratings or pickleball rankings are a self-assessment of how well you play the game and used as a tool to be able to match with players of equal playing ability. Levels range from level 1.0 through to level 5.0. To learn more click through to read more on - Pickleball Ratings – Great for Great Play (Link)

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