The Pickleball Tutor Machine 

The Pickleball Tutor Machine is purpose built for Pickleball.

"It’s no secret! The Pickleball Tutor Machine is the secret to drastically increase your quality of stroke play. It’s nothing short of brilliant for honing your skills"

Like any good machine for any particular sport, the Tutor is a great Launcher of the pickleball and emulates the shots played on a pickleball court repetitively well which makes for a great practice machine.

Simply place the Pickleball Tutor Machine where ever you like on the other side of the net and you can practice any shot in the book including volleys, dinks, drop shots, ground strokes, lobs, Return of Serve Shots (3rd Shot) including deep and surprise short returns.

You can practice almost any type of return shot simply by setting up the Pickleball Tutor to launch or deliver the required shot you want to practice.

From a personal perspective, (mine), I believe that the tutor is an absolute must have to improve your game in all the mechanical aspects of the game such as footwork, shot execution and ball placement.

If you play pickleball you will definitely find the tutor a great training buddy and is particularly good for clubs, groups, schools, pickleball Teaching Coaches, Pickleball Demonstrations obviously and a whole lot more.

Pickleball Tutor Machine - details

Pickleball Tutor designers have over twenty five years in the design of tennis throwing machines with proven reliability.

The tutor comes with variable speed up to 50 MPH and with adjustable arc can shoot all the shots you want to practice against including:

·         Lobs

·         Dinks

·         Drives

·         Serves

·         Groundstrokes

The Tutor also has an optional extra oscillator – available at purchase time and this is great for delivery of randomly placed shots across the court for more game-like practice. You will also get some good huffy puffy game time fitness into you by default with this setting.

The Pickleball Tutor Machine is portable enough to put on a bicycle carry rack and lightweight enough to travel on a plan with.

It boasts many other features such as:

· The ball hopper holds 125 pickleballs

· It throws both indoor and outdoor pickleballs

· It has a variable ball feed rate from one ball every 1-1/2 seconds to one ball every 10 seconds. Great for both quick-reaction volleys and very ready shot selection and execution. The speed or desired reaction time is easly changed by moving the tutor closer to or farther from the net.

· A start-up time delay (if purchased with order) allows you time to get to the other side of the net before balls begin shooting, however personally this is not an absolute must as you would be hard pressed to waste two balls by the time you got in a position to return the balls being fired at you.

The Pickleball Tutor Machine is available in two power modes.

1.       AC-powered


2.       Battery-powered models. 

The battery-powered option I find is awesome and gives me all the “normal” playing practice time needed. It is good for up to 4 hours of playing time per charge. This obviously comes with a battery charger and will fully recharge the battery overnight.

So what are the Optional Accessories?

·         The Air pedal remote starts and stops ball delivery

·         A wireless remote starts and stops ball delivery and controls side-to-side position of the ball throws.

·         Extra External Battery Packs to deliver more playing time without the need to wait to recharge and you’ll also never need to worry about long extension cords or electrical outlets

·         External AC power supply allows AC operation of battery models.

·         Protective Cover – which for most I believe is an ‘optional extra’

What are the PICKLEBALL TUTOR technical specs?

·         Variable Speed Control - YES

·         Variable Launch Control - YES

·         Osculates - YES (model optional at added cost)

·         Elevation/Height Control - YES

·         Battery Powered - YES (model optional at added cost)

·         Ball capacity - 125 balls

·         Adjustable Speeds - 10 - 50 MPH

·         Random built-in oscillator – Optional at added cost

·         Elevation Control - Adjustable arc from dink to lob

·         Lightweight and portable - 12"x18"x20"

·         3-year warranty on machine

·         1-year warranty on battery

Pickleball Tutor Ball Machine Review

Want a Pickleball Tutor Machine?

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