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Pickleball UK players made their first public court appearance in 2015 and it is now in full gear as a developing sport with more and more participants and players. The organization that is  GB Pickleball are charged with developing and promoting pickleball in Great Britain (GB) and as of Mid 2017 are now endorsed and accredited as a training facility by 1st4Sport for their Level 1 Pickleball coaching qualification. 

It means that you as a pickleball enthusiast in the UK can now get into some qualified coaching if you are looking for it.

The GB Pickleball academy is the first one in the UK training of pickleball and is led by Level 2 Coach Sheena Maclean and sponsored by paddletek a major supplier of paddles and other sporting apparel.

GB Pickleball is working hard to develop and promote the game of pickleball in the UK and in an ambitious membership expansion is pushing to be recognized with Sport England, Sport Wales, Sport Scotland and Sport NI which undoubtedly will reflect the growth that we have seen in the sport in the USA if the alliances are successful.

GB Pickleball in their mission statement are committed to leading the growth of, and excellence of Pickleball in Great Britain and to that end have a vision to be positively proactive so look out for Pickleball UK to be everywhere sooner rather than later.

The UK has now also established the UK Pickleball Association (UKPA) a registered not for profit organization. The aim of the UKPA is to be the sister of the USAPA and to be the conduit for the UK in the formation of a European Pickleball network and is essentially everything to do with pickleball. 

In just such a short time pickleball is making in-roads to the UK and the UKPA now boasts 33 nominated playing locations from North to South. 

Pickleball UK Players

For membership, Tournament news and player rankings visit The UKPA website  

Alternately the UKPA can be contacted at:
Badger Terrace, Main Street
Great Bourton, Banbury
Oxfordshire OX17 1QU
+44  7920 195 123

Pickleball UK players looking for pickleball paddles and supplies etc will find a growing number of pickleball online supply websites popping up in the UK and while there is no recommendation from us here at YesPickleball.com you can will find an online shop at GB pickleball. 

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