What’s the Best Pickleball Video that Explains Pickleball? 

There is More than One!

A Pickleball Video certainly takes the hard work out of visualizing this game to a newbie.  Explaining it is simple but can sometimes be confusing to newbies because it really is a combination mix of sports.

It’s been described as OVERSIZED ping pong played on badminton sized court with a tennis sized net. You could add for a slightly lengthier description, played with a paddle that has a slightly smaller head than a tennis racquet and a handle about the same size as a racquetball racquet.

It is a perfect social sport to meet new friends, have a lot of fun and healthy competition and by default slip more healthy exercise into your day without really noticing it.

(Photo courtesy of Chiangmai Pickleball Club)

It can be played as a singles or double game and tournaments have a rating system that will pit same competency players against each other to ensure a fair, competitive game where ever you play.

And while played with a plastic ball with holes in it, the paddle has no strings and the scoring system confuses most players at first, and the court adds to the uniqueness of this sport by having a kitchen. The kitchen by name only of course refers to a section of the court that players cannot volley a ball in and is measured at 7 feet either side of the court.

A pickleball video is clearly the easy way out 

Yes a pickleball video is the  easiest way to try and explain this game.

It should be added that the rating system of players ranges from 1.0 through to 5.0 and understandably the competency of play is markedly different at these extremes in ratings. It means two things however for any rated player – that you can now travel to all the states in the USA and a large and growing number of countries around the world and organize to play with a player of your ability and have a genuinely competitive game.

It also means that if you are a pickleball nut and looking for a good pickleball video to view to see the best at the sport, you can simply youtube with a search of something like “5.0 pickleball game” (or similar) and view a quality game.

So what is a good pickleball video to explain this strangely named game that shows how the 5.0 top rated players play?

And a quick video that shows how the 5.0 top rated players play?

How to Play Pickleball in 3 minutes of instruction. It really is easy to start enjoying this game and takes just minutes to get hooked. In fact, official polling undertaken by YesPickleball.com confirms that pickleball is more addictive than chocolate and is why we now see this game growing like crazy.

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