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Pickleballs indoor

Ok so you’re after pickleballs indoor then if you have clicked through to this page. Your selection (like outdoor balls) is fairly vast and as we have already discussed the main differenes between balls indoor and balls outdoor on our Pickleball Balls page. On this page you are given run-down of the popular pickleballs indoor available and their specs.

And while there use to be limited design and quality control in the manufacture of pickleballs in years past, we are now fairly spoilt both with selection of and quality of balls available.

Pickle balls indoor are all very similar in characteristics of design and are made of the same, tough plastic as outdoor pickleballs however they differ somewhat from the what some say looks and feels to be a type of rubber plastic that the outdoor balls are made of.

Three popular Pickleballs Indoor name brands of interest are the:

·         Dura Big Hole Indoor Pickleball
·         Jugs Indoor Pickleball
·         Onix PURE 2 Indoor Pickleball

Pickleballs Indoor

Your popular options

Dura Big Hole Indoor Pickleball

The Dura Big Hole Indoor Pickleball is identical to Dura Outdoor ball but for hole size. The indoor ball holes are slightly larger than the outdoor type which makes for a slightly lighter ball obviously.

·         Seamless one piece

·         Holes: 26

·         Weight: 0.92 ounces.

·         Diameter: 2.9375"

·         Bounce (from 75 inches on concrete floor): 31 inches

·         Colors available: White, yellow, orange, teal, or mixed colors (white/yellow/orange)

·         Manufacturing Technique: Seamless, smooth, hard plastic and created with a one-piece construction mold. Holes are drilled when the balls have cooled


Jugs Indoor Pickleball

Reported to last up to 30 percent longer than any other pickleballs. Jugs balls are also slightly softer than other balls and reputably the toughest polyball ever made. It’s ‘softness’ and slightly-textured surface helps increase the ball’s contact and bounce off of the ground.

·         Toughest polyball ever made

·         Holes: Uniform holes for maximum accuracy

·         Weight: .81 ounces - the lightest of any regulation-approved ball

·         Diameter: 2.875”

·         Bounce (from 75 inches on concrete floor): 37 inches

·         Colors Available: Green, white

·         Manufacturing technique/type: Soft plastic


Personally I like this ball a lot – it has fantastic consistent bounce and great performance 

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Onix PURE 2 Indoor Pickleball

This ball is similar to other indoor balls but with thicker plastic and larger holes and is claimed will revolutionize indoor play. It is engineered to perform perfectly in indoor conditions and claims to fly straighter, bounce more reliably, and stay rounder. It has perfectly round precision-drilled holes which help to ensure consistent and authentic bounce.

·         Two piece ball – both halves are heat-welded together by machines to create a seemingly non-existent seam.

·         Holes:

·         Weight: Approximately .81 ounce

·         Diameter: 2.875 inches

·         Bounce (from 75" on concrete floor): 33 inches

·         Colors Available: Yellow, Orange, White, Neon Green

·         Manufacturing Technique: Two-piece construction with exceptional seam welding which offers greater durability and resists splitting


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