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Pickleballs outdoor

Ok so you’re after pickleballs outdoor then if you have clicked through to this page. Your selection is fairly vast and as we have already discussed the main different between balls outdoor and balls indoor on our Pickleball Balls page. On this page you are given run-down of the popular pickleballs outdoor available and their specs.

And while there used to be limited design and quality control in the manufacture of pickleballs in years past, we are now fairly spoilt both with selection of and quality of balls available.

Pickleballs outdoor are all very similar in characteristics of design and are made of the same, tough plastic and what some say looks and feels to be a type of rubber plastic.

Three popular Pickleballs Outdoor name brands of interest are the:

  1. TOP outdoor pickleball
  2. Dura outdoor pickleball
  3. Onix Outdoor Pickleball

The Top and Dura balls have a variety of different-sized holes whereas the Onix Outdoor Pickleball differs slightly in that they have holes of the same size.

You’ll find the TOP and the DURA pickleballs outdoor are seamless to ensure the minimum number of cracking balls. Seamless balls means that they have no circular weld seam around them. Seamless ball manufacture is different to the other way of manufacture whereby they “stick” – (plastic weld) two halves together. The ONIX ball is a two piece weld.

You also have an option to buy quite balls. What are quiteballs? Personally I have never used them but it would seem that some people are noise restricted when they play – (heaven forbid), and need a quiteball to not upset the neighbours it would seem.

If this is you, then the Onix QuietBall is made of foam and will fit the bill here if noise abatement is a problem for you.

Just of note however these balls may soon not be available for purchase.

Pickleballs Outdoor

Your popular options


·         Seamless one piece poly ball

·         Holes: 40 holes

·         Weight: 25 grams

·         Diameter: 2.9375 inches

·         Bounce: (from 75" onto concrete floor): 32 inches

·         Colors Available: Yellow, Orange, White, Neon Green

·         Manufacturing Technique: Seamless, rotationally molded, post drilled holes

·         ONE-PIECE - Seamless construction means there are no weak points and even weighting around the ball

·         USAPA/IFP APPROVED - Tested and approved for USAPA sanctioned tournament play


also known as DURA Fast 40 Pickleballs

 ·         USAPA/IFP Approved for Tournament Play - The Original Pickleball - Durable one piece construction manufactured to exacting standards

·         Seamless one piece ball

·         Holes: 40 holes (two sized hiles)

·         Weight: 0.92 ounces

·         Diameter 2.9375 inches

·         Bounce: Meets USAPA regulations with an average bounce height of 32 inches

·         Colors: Yellow, Neon Green, Orange, White

·         ONE-PIECE - Seamless construction means there are no weak points and even weighting around the ball

·         Official Ball of the 2016 (USAPA) National Tournament

·         Like all outdoor pickleballs they have thick walls to increase the life span and playability of the ball in rough outdoor conditions.

·         Manufacture of the ball is made by injecting hot liquid plastic into a mold. This is a closed mold that rotates 360 x 360 to spread the liquid plastic evenly around the mold walls which creates a strong one piece ball.

·         When cooled and hardened 40 holes of two sizes are post-drilled into the ball. This is said to provide increased strength and performance that provides the balls with even and true bounce.

·         The name of the ball is short for “durable”

·         They are known as a fast ball because their weight is greater than compared to the softer and lighter Jugs Indoor Pickleball. 

Want Some Dura Fast 40 Pickleballs? 

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Two-piece construction, seamed ball

Holes: 40

Weight: 25 grams

Diameter: 2.875 inches

Bounce (from 75" on concrete floor): 33 inches


Manufacturer: Onix Sports (Escalade Sports) – Manufacture of this outdoor ball is similar to that of indoor ball construction where two halves are joined together with high heat to create a durable seam. Unlike indoor balls however, the Onix outdoor ball weighs slightly more and has smaller holes. The manufactures say this ball is strategically designed to drastically reduce the impact of wind during play, allowing for truer flight during windy conditions.

Personally I do not like these balls either outdoor or indoor. The heavier weight makes them easier to hit hard but I feel they take away from the game in that they do not provide the same touch specifically in the short dink game. I also actually like the variability of outdoor conditions and particularly when playing with the indoor ball.

Approved: Meets USAPA specifications

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