Poach Advantage Paddle

The Poach Advantage Paddle - First up I have a disclosure to disclose... but more on that in a moment.

First my review of the Poach Paddle.

WOW - the NEW Poach Advantage Paddle. 

The most technologically advanced paddle in the market.  Truly the first next generation paddle taking paddle design and development to new levels.

There is no question that the Engage Poach Paddles are The most technologically advanced paddle on the market.

To my mind, having played pickleball at the upper level now for 5 years and tried and used many good paddles, the poach is number one in powder and and feel. 

The Poach Advantage Paddle

The center core of the paddle has down core slots and cross core slots. The down core are hard for power while the cross core slots are softer for feel and spin. It's almost feels like strings on a tennis racket and is the kicker that makes this paddle so amazing. 

Every other paddle manufacturer has only one single skin while the new state of the art poach paddle Technology has six layers of skin.

Once this paddle is "broken in", the skin gets softer so when you go to roll or put a spin on the ball the ball stays on the skin longer than a single layer of skin. So the combination of power and spin has made this paddle a one of a kind. 

I find that it gives the most amazing feel and touch. To me the technology is just outrageous. 


*Core: Proprietary Polymer Composite (Control Pro ‘Black’ Technology)

*Skin: Proprietary Variable Release 6-layer Fiberglass Polymer Composite

*Weight: 7.5 - 8.3 oz

*Size: 16” long x 8” wide

*Grip: Circumference: 4 1/4”

*Grip Length: 5”

*Colors: Blue, Red, Purple, Green

*Optimized to pass most stringent community noise requirements

*VCT: Vibration Control Technology

*USAPA listed and approved for tournament play

The Poach Advantage Paddle

Want this awesome paddle? - Full Disclosure

When I was given the opportunity to play with this paddle I was immediately hooked! So much so I am now an promoting Ambassador for the paddle and gained a distributors licence from the company.

If you would like one shipped to your door immediately simply contact me via the form below and we'll organize you to be a proud owner of this most technologically advanced paddle on the market today.

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