Portable Pickleball Nets - What Net and What’s Approved?

Portable pickleball nets, there are so many options and brands where do you start. My initial interest was any limitations on frame work as I wanted to buy a net and make the frame because the engineer in me saw improvements in what is currently available.

But where to start?

Well like everything else in pickleball, there is a governance on these by the pickleball association so back to the rule book we go to find out the approved specs on portable pickleball nets. Then we will go shipping and look at a few of the available replacement nets on the market and for those wanting to buy the whole kit, well look at a few of those as well and see what you get for your money.   

First up – The Official Specs on Portable Pickleball Nets

The rule book states on page 4 the following except about nets.

2.A. Net Specifications.

2.A.1. Material. The net may be made of any open, meshed fabric material.

2.A.2. Net Size. The net length shall be at least 20 feet (6.1 m) extending from one sideline to the other. The net width shall be at least 2½ feet (0.8 m).

2.A.3. Mesh Size. The net’s mesh size must be sufficiently small to prevent a ball from passing through it.

2.A.4. Height. The net shall be suspended over the center of the court and shall be 36 inches (0.914 m) high at the sidelines and 34 inches (0.86 m) high at the center of the court.

2.A.5. Center Strap. A center strap may be placed at the center of the net to enable easy adjustment to the 34 in. (0.86 m) requirement at center.

2.A.6. Net Edge. The top of the net should be edged with a 2 inch (5.1 cm) white binding over a cord or cable running through the binding. This binding must rest upon the cord or cable.

2.A.7. Posts. Net posts should be placed outside the sidelines. Recommended placement is 12 inches (30.48 cm) from the sideline.

Replacement Portable Pickleball Nets

First cab off the rank is what they call The Lightweight Pickleball Net. This net is bare bones net. It does not have frame work – it is simply a no-fuss solution for players who need to set up an impromptu court on the go whereby they find two objects to tie the ends of the net to.

The net also has no sleeves, which means that you ideally cannot use this net and make your own frame work. Basically you need to tie it to pre-existing posts or put together makeshift supports using whatever’s at hand. 

It does come with an additional 18” of rope at each end to tie it in place so that is a positive.

The Lightweight Pickleball Net is an affordable at around $25 and measures 21' x 30'' with 1/2'' mesh with 18" rope on each side

So the next step up and the one I was most interested in because I wanted to make my own frame work was the Rally Deluxe Replacement Net

The Rally Deluxe Replacement Net is made of high-quality extremely durable black nylon netting. It has a white band which runs down either side of the net which keeps things nice and neat and protects the net from fraying which should give a good service life.

It has Black Velcro net tighteners on the top of each side which keep the net taut and at the correct height. 

NOTE: The old rally net had round poles and then new ones BRANDED – ‘drum roll…’ new oval post design I believe to add structure to the frame that is available with the net.

The net is regulation size and measures 22' x 34" and is available for around $50.

Then come the Portable Pickleball Net options with Framework

While these nets all are called different names such as the Tournament net system, the Rally Portable net and Picklenet portable and so on, they all meet with the USAPA rulebook requirements.

It then pretty much depends on color and reviews from that point as they are all around the same price point of $160 to $180. – Some offer ball holders as a enticement to buy and all have their mode of branding and color and sales marketing specs.

The Premium Portable Pickleball Nets space however is the Picklenet

So if you are interested in this net read on...

The PickleNet has powder-coated steel oval poles and meets regulation specs at 22’x34”. The proprietary rectangular center strap design is claimed to be the best in the industry and maintains a consistent net height.

Adjustment tension straps are on both net ends. Assembly takes just a few minutes  and packs into a neat tuff nylon storage bag with heavy duty zipper when your finished.

The nominated features that sets this net system apart from the rest are:

1. The center strap mold is rectangular to function, support, and last longer.

2. Oval tubing for faster set up and automatic alignment of the center frame.

3. The center poles sit on a molded center support. Compared to other nets, this feature further speeds up assembly time.

4. The elastic bottom net band speeds up net set-up, helps maintain consistent net tension, and takes stress off of the net to increase durability.

Care Suggestion: Portable Net Systems are designed for either indoor or outdoor use. However, it's always a good idea to store your system indoors 

Want a Picklenet?

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