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Recreational Pickleball – who would have thought that you can now combine your pickleball passion with travel beyond your border! In the such brief history of pickleball – relatively speaking, and the subsequent and continued surging growth and obvious popularity of the USA home grown game – the world has now become a destination for lovers of this game.

Yes, unbelievably to some, you can not only play pickleball in every state in the USA but International destinations such as Italy, Espana, Japan, Mexico and Thailand to name a growing list of destinations are now available for your next playing holiday with the lot including tuition!

Yes tuition! You know the where but what about
the how, what, why, when and who of this
recreational pickleball opportunity?  

It’s called Pickleball Trips and if you want to improve your Pickleball game while traveling to amazing places and meeting new friends then you are in for an experience of a lifetime when you combine your pickleball passion with travel.

Aside the obvious passion pleasing elements to a pickleball holiday, why would you want to a PB Trip with PB Trips and other like-minded pickleball addicts? 

First up (or last up) – tuition. Yes, you are in for some one-on-one tuition/coaching as you play to your vacation content. (Ok ok, holiday content if you are from outside the USA). And no it is not ALL pickleball – well not if you don’t want to be, but you have at your call a 5.0 Pickleball Coach traveling with you that will share many tips and tails of the game both on and off the court. (more details below…)

Recreational Pickleball - Your Tour

Your tour is care free and fully planned from the get go – no worrying about booking flights, hotels, finding pickleball courts and transportation and all the other hassles of planning any trip – let alone a recreational pickleball trip like you will do with Pickleball Trips!

And the selection of trips is no broad enough to accommodate nearly everyone’s taste in destinations.

Want to go to Italy for example – what’s included?

·         Nine nights (or eleven) at 4-star accommodations with complimentary breakfasts

·         All meals except lunches during IFP Bainbridge Cup and Italian Open Pickleball Championships

All activities including:

·         Tours

·         Entrance & guide fees

·         Pickleball clinics

·         Transportation, etc.

How about all those other time consuming and needed considerations of taking a vacation?

·         Packing list

·         Travel Insurance

·         Tournament registration

·         Cancellation Policy

All these are provided for you to go through, read, select, complete so that you can be sure that you have considered everything to enjoy your recreational pickleball vacation (holiday) to a destination of choice offered by Pickleball Trips.

Extra Activities example (for this trip)

Day 4 – Toledo

This morning you will take an early bus from Madrid to the ancient capital and UNESCO World Heritage site of Toledo (1 hour). A guide meets you and shows you around the city and will narrate the history of this fascinating town. After lunch and some time to stroll around you will return to Madrid where dinner will be a Spanish style feast at Zerain.

Day 6 – Madrid ~ Barcelona

You depart Madrid early on this morning for the 3-hour train ride to Barcelona on the Mediterranean coast. The train is extremely safe and comfortable, traveling at speeds of almost 200 miles per hour. You’ll arrive at the hotel around noon and have some free time for lunch. In the afternoon, a local guide meets you for a tour of the Gothic quarters of the city. Dinner is a traditional Catalonian feast prepared in a popular restaurant.

Day 8 – Sagrada Famila, Barcelona ~ Madrid

You will visit the Sagrada Familia Church, a building that has been under construction since 1882 and truly stands as a one of a kind monument. You will also visit an apartment building that Gaudi himself designed before returning to the hotel to pack up and take the train back to Madrid. 

Recreational Pickleball - Your Tour Guide

Your Tour Guide for this and all other tours below is Daniel Moore (son of Scott Moore) both popular pros on the tournament circuit. Depending on tour numbers, Daniel is often accompanied by his father Scott to not only assist but to coach also.

Selections of destinations available at time of writing

·         Hawaii

·         Italy

·         Viva Espana

·         Japan

·         Mexico

·         Thailand – (now in the planning stage)

·         India (to come)

What others are saying...

It was so fun to learn new drills, games etc and to approach the game with more thinking and anticipation. It was so fun to play today with other folks who had taken the clinics... Cross court dinking warm-up really set the tone for me today. 

Thank you so much for your humor, professionalism, easy-going, relaxed teaching style.
Barb - Santa Cruz Clinic 2017

Daniel Moore 5.0 PB coach from Pickleball Trips and sponsored by Paddletek visited Chiang Mai (Thailand) in July 2018 to check out the next Pickleball Trips location much to the delight of the local players.

We thank you for your play and at times very targeted instruction. We collectively enjoyed your visit from all of us here at Pickleball Chiang Mai Thailand and look forward to your return and we hope with an awesome group of Picklers to play against. Tom Reincke - Chiang Mai Pickleball

Are you looking to combine a little bit of recreational pickleball with your next vacation?  

Simply make contact with Pickleball Trips below for more info or check out the current international destinations here first.

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