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Versatile with a broad skill set and happy to wear working boots and swing a shovel or drive machinery, a broad brim hat and ride a camel or a suit and tie for customer service and anywhere in-between. 

About me...

I am a keen, adventurous, passionate, fit and healthy outgoing person who has by design or default had a wide range of experiences and occupations in life.

I have never considered myself over qualified for anything and have always given my best in any opportunities that come my way. I find that being open to new and different experiences, places and people rewards me with a lot of satisfaction and by default I share this with those that I work for and with where possible.

I've been the apprentice, the middle man and the boss. I've work independently and with a team. I've shoveled pigpens and flown aircraft. I've slept in 5 star accommodation and under the stars. I've had stable long term jobs and short time employment. I've had jobs that I never want to do again and ones that I would kill to do again but I've always given my employer value for money in doing the best I can at anything I do.

I've worked 9 to 5, shift-work and back-of-clock on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

I've worked for $100 an hour and I've worked for $12.50 an hour. Heck I've even worked for free - but the reality of most jobs is that I work for the going rate and I am grateful for doing whatever work is required in exchange for it come rain, hail, shine or sweat like no tomorrow.

If you are reading this, I have read your job description and believe I am worthy of your consideration for employment be it now or later

Significant past occupations

  • Farmer
  • Airline Crew - customer service
  • Police Officer
  • Home Renovator
  • Book Author
  • Bus driving/trekking tour guide

Skill Set

  • Working with animals large and small
  • Customer Service people person
  • Common sense with personality
  • Self motivated working independently or in a team with or without supervision
  • Working with my hands or brain with steel, timber, dirt, bricks, personality or paper and pen 
  • Driving tractors, (farm equipment) buses, bikes, horses - (at a pinch) or trekking 
  • Capable of general farm/household maintenance work and normal expected farming mechanical skills and machinery preparation, operating and upkeep requirements

Born and Bred on the family farm... 

My varied work history - particularly with the Airlines and Policing has seen the need for me to live in all but about 2 states of Australia for various lengths of time. 

Variable shift hours - a norm of my life
Farming, the airlines and policing was all shift work 24/7. Seeding time on the farm was 24 hours around the clock for 5 to 6 weeks to seed 5000 to 5500 acres of grain.

Some may ask why such a varied work history?

I have worked for 5+ (6) airlines all of whom shut down or went onto liquidation or laid off [last-on first-off] employees. Namely:

  1. Ansett Australia
  2. Ansett International
  3. Tigerair
  4. Strategic Airlines
  5. Air Australia
  6. Sharp Airlines

I was also the carer of a parent with Alzheimer's which required the selling of my home, a shift interstate and of course a new job. Many of the jobs that I did in this time frame by necessity were part time with irregular hours as per the needs of being a 'shared' carer.   

I now call my home town -  Brisbane Queensland. I have also lived overseas in both the Philippines and Thailand on and off for approximately 5 years. It was during this 'selective' time that I studied online and wrote a book.

My interests - Pickleball and...

* Sport, Health and fitness of most kinds 

* Travel
* Language 
* Online learning
* Life Challenges - or at least challengers in life
* Animals

And sometimes I like to ride a camel

And other times I've been known to just like to have some fun

I am a... NON-Smoker and Light Drinker

Extra Curricular Activities

Diplomas in:

* Work Place Training and Assessment
* Business
* Exercise Science and Phys Ed
* Public Safety - Policing  

* Book Author

My working background enables me to apply for jobs for a number of reasons:

  • I can do the job
  • The job has challenge in it for me
  • It fits with my life and lifestyle and travel ideals
  • It matches my time frame to live some of my life here and overseas
  • Over all flexibility and adaptability for both myself and my potential employer  

If you have asked for or I have sent you this information I believe I have what it takes to do the job and I am available now if I've not accepted a job in the interim.

If by chance I have, but you would like to keep my details on the back-burner for a future date, simply advise me if able via the contact details below. 

I thank you for your time

and consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Regards Tom Reincke


  • I have a HR licence
  • I do not have personal transport 
  • I require work with on-site accommodation or transport provided to and from
  • Happy to work short term or longer if required and suitable

Contact and further Details

MB: 0481 386 543

Skype: tomtom139


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Garret Hebden 0418 304079

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