The SIMON2 Pickleball Throwing Machine – An ideal Training Partner

SIMON2 Pickleball Throwing Machine can be your best ball throwing training partner hands down! Are there other ball throwing machines out there – yes and we will talk about them shortly but first the SIMON2 and just why it will improve your game.

Why is Simon (the machine) so good for improving your pickleball game?

Most players under 5.0 like to improve their games as do 5.0 players incidentally, and we all would like to be able to obviously emulate the great shots of the top players. However, for the most part when you do pull off a great shot that is out of the ordinary, it is more fluke, hope or luck or all three than good shot selection and reliable execution.

The beautiful consequence of using a machine for practice is that it can deliver you the same shot to you, shot after shot after shot – which is what the Simon does quite admirably and accurately. And that means that you can repeat the return of that shot over and over and over and the consequence of repetition is improvement which builds in muscle memory from repetitive practice and that builds consistency.  You go from a “fluke and hope shot” to “good shot selection and reliable execution” for most of your shots.

The SIMON2 Pickleball Throwing Machine

Muscle memory in shot execution is what makes good players look good. They have practiced shots so often that they hit the ball with certainty, ease and accuracy and there are few shots that they cannot do with monotonous regularity. 

When you have honed your skill with a particular shot you simply reset the Simon2 to deliver another shot that you want to practice and away you go again. A very pleasurable built in benefit of being able to hit and practice the same delivered ball to you is that you can perfect your hit immediately – well when it comes to Simon2, within 1.5 seconds or greater – depending on interval time required between shots to reset and be ready to hit again. The ball throw time adjuster ranges from 1.5 to 10 seconds allowing you to custom return a response that you have enough time to think through the shot that you know you are going to get. It doesn’t get any better.

The only challenge really for beginning players is knowing how to hit a ball correctly in the first place but that is something that can be quickly overcome with some expert tuition.

When you know what you are supposed to do and how to hit a ball, it is then simply practice from that point forward.

A pet peeve of mine is some of the advice that is offered when using a pickleball machine.

Ok, I’m a player that comes from a tennis playing background and my approach to playing the game is to practice how I want to play so that I get to play how I practice and to force an error not wait for one. It means I am aggressive with my shots and shot placement. Can you imagine what I think when I read advice from a manual that will not be mentioned here about how I should use a pickleball throwing machine that says in part…:

1.       You should set up realistic target areas and not aim too close to the lines


2.       Too close to the top of the net!


3.       Matches are NOT usually won by which player or team hits more winners, but by who makes fewer mistakes!   

Wow is it any wonder that some players might not improve how they could or should with that sort of negative approach to practicing?

For me let me re-word the above to what I think it should read…

1.       You should set up very specific target areas and aim to hit them every time.

2.       You should also be able to skim a ball low over the net so practice this in your practice.


3.       Most matches are NOT usually won by which player or team hits more winners so capitalize on this mindset. When you have practiced enough to competently hit winners on a regular consistent basis, you win!

And an added point here…

4.       Most players are playing matches with the mindset of making fewer mistakes than the other side. Force your opposition to make mistakes through aggressive practice!   

You could of course always have a playing partner to practice with but a playing partner while having great value as a playing partner (with or against), they will never consistently recreate the value of The SIMON2 Pickleball Throwing Machine  until they can repeatedly hit the same shot to the same spot with the same speed so that you can practice the same return of shot over and over and over again until the point that it is almost automatic for you.

Simon2 delivers shot consistency so that you in turn hit with return shot consistency. Shot consistency by the way means that you can set simon2 up to deliver a ball and you return that ball accurately to a spot on the court with absolute repetition and emulation over and over again.

A winning pickleball strategy

A winning pickleball strategy needs to consider and include many aspects of the game and shot execution is one of them. This includes pace or speed, trajectory and placement. A The SIMON2 Pickleball Throwing Machine gives you the same ball to the same spot over and over and over again so that you can in-turn practice pace or speed, trajectory and placement of its return to a point of accepted perfection.

Obviously the simon2 is not human and is the reason that a perfect practice regime includes hitting with a partner or partners to read and play against the human elements of the game which is another skill in itself – yes including nerves and reading a players game strategy and exploiting a players weaknesses but having mastered your return of shots from simon2, this becomes much easier for obvious reasons.

The SIMON2 Pickleball Throwing Machine is in my opinion a great machine. It is also the most expensive however I believe that cost also delivers in it, the great value.

The SIMON2 Pickleball Throwing Machine  has a list of features and options:

·         Wheels – (as standard)

·         Great ball hopper and delivery design for zero ball jamming problems

·         Locked internal motors so they cannot shift during shipping which can throw off the delivery of the ball and ultimately makes the machine very quiet and smooth

·         A 4 ball slot “turbo” carousel and ball feed rates from as low as 1.5 balls per second for fast action when wanted

·         A 2nd “ramp” that clips on the front ball opening to create higher ball loft and net clearance which allows for consistent and accurate dinks anywhere you want in the kitchen

·         A wireless “on/off” remote with FOB as a $79 option.  Works up to 100 feet indoors or outdoors.  Great option for teachers, coaches and personal professionals

And lastly - The SIMON2 Pickleball Throwing Machine is made of heavy duty metal, with heavy duty wheels and motor for durable, long term use by clubs and heavy duty users alike

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