The game is changing---how?

by Shaz
(Philly, Pa suburbs)

As a fairly new player (just over a year and coming from squash, I keep reading over and over that the game is changing due to younger players and players coming from many different racquet sports. So, exactly how is it changing? Does this mean that the traditional dink rally may not always hold? Does it mean there are non traditional shots made early on? It can be very confusing when instructed to ALWAYS drop on the 3rd and get to the net as soon as possible but then to read that the game is changing and this is not always true. What gives?

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Dec 05, 2021
Yes the game is changing
by: Michael

Yes the game is changing - serves have changed, the pace of the game and the professionalism and the shot making and the paddles and the rules and the ball quality are just some of the things that have changed since I have been playing - about 6 years now.

The traditional dink rally is still a part of the game but so to is a 3rd shot drive and a 5th shot dink.

So too is a kitchen area offensive lob and a sliced backhand serve.

If someone is telling/instructing you to always 3rd shot drop, they have not kept up with the pace of the game.

A ball is to be played on its merits, not on an cemented 'traditional' ideal play.

A third shot drive is an offensive shot where as a 3rd shot drop is normally a defensive to get you into the game up at the net. This means the shot you play is dependent on the shot you receive, your positioning, the other side positioning and your shot making ability among a few things.

A short ball that bounces high with an open court (gap) to aim at is asking to be driven. A long ball that sees you hitting behind the base line and the other side up at the net says dink me or you'll likely loose this point.

In summary, a game should have strategy but that strategy is dynamic meaning, play the appropriate shot at the appropriate time considering all factors which is pretty much like any other game out their, and just like tennis for example or squash in your case.

I can say that the younger players you speak of with previous other game skills up the mobility and pace on the court and the shots they play.

This can easily be seen if you watch a 'club' seniors game and then a 5.0 junior (adult) game.

In closing, I can only suggest to watch hours and hours and hours of top quality 5.0 games on youtube and you will see many many plays they you might want to implement into your own game to ultimately improve your play. Cheers Tom

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