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"About Me" - Work-Job / House Sitter info

Ex-farmer, police officer, customer service professional and jack of (most) trades with some personal work-job details and me information

Hi dear home owner.

First up, ignore the YesPickleball header of this About Me page, I've simply used a blank page of my website to host this page.

Secondly, this is me - Tom. You'll read a little about my working background and of me. 

"This initial informal intro page will be read by any number of potential employers or home owners so I apologize that I cannot address you personally in this text, however as someone who is looking for information about a person they wish to either employ or to entrust their home, pets (and other duties) to, I hope to give you a slightly candid but brief
broad brush overview of me to hopefully be considered and selected for your short list ".

So about me? 

I am a single 55 year old, healthy fit, able and self funded retiree that has been on the overseas travel bus for the last 5 years, revisiting Australia from time to time for short stays.

My work history has been quite varied starting out life (born and bred) on a farm and after 6 years on the land the farm was sold in 1985 and I moved on to work in the airline industry for the next 20 years. 

Some very old farming pics...

After Ansett Airlines went into liquidation I did a number of part time jobs over the next few years searching for a new occupation. 

This included:

* Home renovator, property investor - different states - forever
* Kitchen and bathroom designer (CAD) - Melbourne
* Investment Real Estate Agent - Melbourne and Brisbane 2 years

Renovations at work

* Tour bus operator Alice Springs - 7 months
* Home care giver for my mother with Alzheimer's - Adelaide 2 years
* Cement truck driver - Adelaide 7 months
* First Aid Teacher - Adelaide 4 months

* Police Officer - Brisbane 3 years
* Work for and lost my job due liquidation for 5 Airlines - Ansett and Ansett International (as mentioned above) - then Tiger, then Strategic, then Air Australia, then Sharp Airlines!
(I've given up on working for airlines - Ha!)
* Pilot - Melbourne 5 months

Police Graduation Day 

My varied work history has seen the need for me to live in all but about 2 states of Australia for various lengths of time. 
I now call my home town -  (city to those of us that live or have lived there) well my own home is there now but not me very often - Brisbane Queensland.  

My interests

* Sport, Health and fitness of most kinds but for the last 3 years it has been pickleball. So much so that I have now written a website about the game as per the header you see on this page.
* Travel
* Language
* Online - (Internet connection is a must for me)
* Life Challenges - or at least challengers in life

And of course animals - love anything with a heart beat - well almost.

* NON-Smoker
* Light Drinker
* Ex Farmer - handy man jack of most trades

Why do I want casual short period work or to house sit?

To be brutally honest, I would be happy to stay on the travel bus all year every year from now until eternity???

However a return to home soil to attend to "in Australia issues" - family, investments, work and tax issues and friends makes things a lot easier for me while giving me a change of scenery and new experiences. 

My considerations

Preferred Locations: I have no real preference in where your work place or home is located. Unfortunately however I do not have wheels so something close to services or available personal transport is important to me. 

Contact and further Details
I am an open book and happy to share anything you would like to know about me. A great way to be totally open so that you can really make a judgement call on considering me to be your house sitter of course is facebook.

Please feel free to visit my personal facebook page to learn more about me here... 

You can also contact me via Facebook personal message

My skype contact overseas is: tomtom139

My Availability

I am very flexible with this. Basically I travel very light and can jump on a plane fairly quickly. The main restriction will be the organisation of travel plans to return home from currently being overseas.

Thank you for your time and consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Regards Tom

EMAIL: treincke@gmail.com

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