Upstreet Pickleball Paddle

The Upstreet Pickleball Paddle - Hi guys I've got a YesPickleball review of some great new pickleball paddles we received from UpStreet pickleball.

First up who are Upstreet Pickleball?

Well they are a group of self described young entrepreneurs who have set up company in Cedar City, UT, in the United States.

Referencing their website they state that they operate under a simple business promise, to "Deliver demonstrably superior, pleasingly different products with a 5 star customer service experience."

Can I say that all my communication with them so far has been awesome with the organisation and delivery of ???

They go onto to say that they want to enhance the game of Pickleball by offering a high quality paddle (or as is the fact now that is plural as in paddles) at a reasonable price.

The price as you will learn is I think fantastic as these paddles are made of top quality material, include advance leading edge interior core design and are spec approved by the USAPA  

The Upstreet Pickleball Paddle

The graphite Upstreet Pickleball Paddle by Upstreet is an total unisex paddle with a 4.5" grip with an average weight of just 8.6 Oz.

And like most of the top rated paddles on the market it is constructed with the very popular Polypropylene (PP) Honeycomb composite core however additionally, the Upstreet core has 3 orientations vs. the normal 2 orientations common with other honeycomb cores utilized in some of the best known brands, making its properties more uniform. 

As a result, Upstreet states that this composite variable provides optimum mechanical performance. It universally conforms to the industry standard mid-range weighted paddle and achieves the ideal balance of maneuverability for control while still maintaining elite power for driving shots making it the ultimate purpose designed all-round specialist paddle and great for every shot in the book.

The paddles are also wrapped in what they call an advanced graphite face that provides a resilient surface with consistency across the paddle face for that all important touch with a 'crisp' feel and widespread ball control.

The graphite faces are 100% bonded to protect the pickleball the paddle core from environmental damage that comes from the most aggressive competitive play and protected all round with a slim-line edge-guard providing the durability to withstand accidental paddle swipes against the ground. (An accidental sin experienced by learners of the game through the very act of learning and experienced players through aggressive competitive play - from time to time). :) 

The paddle has a micro-dry smooth 4.75 inch long grip

This Grip is perforated, cushioned and sweat absorbent and the neck handle is finished with a protective ring around grip tape to top off what really is a perfectly balance, slightly understated yet beautiful paddle to both look at and to play with. 

All Upstreet paddles come with a complementary neoprene Upstreet Pickleball Cover to protect your treasured asset in storage and transit getting to and from your pickleball court. Neoprene is an excellent insulator and has great waterproof properties.

All paddles are thoroughly factory inspected for surface weak-spots so that you are guaranteed a perfect paddle will arrive without blemish.

I found this paddle to be nothing short of awesome across a wide range of shots. It has great balance in my hand and just feels good. I'm mostly a power server and compared to my well used older paddle, the power it generates from the same serving action is notably different thus allowing me to achieve more speed with better control and accuracy.
Obviously I like this and I also like that it also gives me great confidence to make and 'feel through' my shots at the kitchen.  

Having used a wide range of paddles at the club, some at the beginner end and others at the professional end, I am impressed with this paddle, happy to have had the opportunity to at first test this paddle out and now obviously play with it at will!

Upstreet Pickleball Paddle

Want this awesome paddle?

Simply click to their Amazon site for the current available discount.

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