What is Pickleball? - A Simple Fun Competitive Game That’s more Addictive than Chocolate

There is something about the name that makes most people ask; “What is pickleball”?

While there are many answers, it is probably best thought of as OVERSIZED ping pong that is played on a badminton sized court with a tennis sized net and a short handled paddle that has a hitting face about 1/2 that of a tennis racquet .

While paddles were originally made of wood, they have now moved into the tech world of Graphite, Polly Core, Honeycomb and Aviation Materials and a number of other ‘in test’ material which if like the tennis racket cousin, will constantly evolve.

The 'What is Pickleball' question

This also needs to emphasize that it is a game for the ages, meaning all ages. The real beauty of the game is that any age or gender can enjoy pickleball. 

Mainly and more specifically because it is not a large court and strategic thinking is an important part of the game. Couple this with players that are rated around the same skill level and you have a fun and challenging game on your hands.

Played with a light weight plastic ball that has holes in it that is slightly larger than a tennis ball and a light weight paddle, it is easy to swing the paddle and hit the ball for both young and old alike. While you can play singles, the alternative preferred by many is to play doubles pickleball. When played with a partner, your playing area is quite small so within a few steps you can be in the ready to hit zone with some rallies lasting 10 or 20 or more hits going back and forth over a net until somebody puts the shot away to win or alternatively somebody messes up.

What is pickleball - it is hitting, playing, laughing and having a good time and it comes pretty easily to most people when they get on a pickleball court and within no time at all you get to pick-up and learn the basic rules and move quickly on to becoming addicted to the game.

Seniors for the most part love the social aspects of the game and by default they get exercise without really thinking about it because it fun.

Teenagers  have taken to the game with enthusiastic gusto and like their seniors also get the social benefit with a slightly more competitive approach.

At the professional end, pickleball is fast becoming a huge attraction to tennis, racquetball, squash and ping pong players because the game can be taken up a notch to be a really competitive activity which those at the top of their game really enjoy.

So what is pickleball?

It is a damn lot of fun for 99.9% of the people that at first pick up a paddle and try this game with a strange sounding name that incidentally has taken 50 years to become an overnight sensation sweeping the world by storm one country at a time.

You can learn more about Pickleball, the most fun you can have with 2, 3 or 4 people on an undersized tennis court with a paddle and plastic ball with holes in it. A game that combines some of the best elements of many games, simply checkout - More About Pickleball – Challenge yourself

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