Where to Play Pickleball
- around the world!

Where to Play Pickleball? We are here to tell you where to go! Maybe that is too harshly literal... let me rephrase that.

This page holds the answer to two available apps that give you an ever growing list of places to play around the world plus lots of extra useful info about those places.

We link you direct to the apps for free download below also but first some info on the apps themselves.

Where to Play Pickleball - app #1

First up Its name?

Pickleball Finder app by Alexander Murray

About the app: They say that it has been designed to find courts near you and far away - like as far as around the world which effectively means that it is not a club exclusive app and anyone can use it irrespective of you being a player or not no matter where you are in the world.

The apps description states that it is easy to use so fear not if technology is not your strong point. All you really need is a love of pickleball, an iphone - (not available on android yet) and of course the app which you will need to download or have someone download it for you if your inner 'Geek' stops at making a phone call on your wondrous iPhone.

Once on your phone and connected to the internet, the Pickleball Finder enables you to find places of where to play pickleball 'anywhere' 

In addition to where you can play pickleball you can read descriptions and see pictures of each location and even get directions to each place from the app.

The app allows you to share information about any location via text or social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook etc

You can also edit details if you want to change, correct or update information and you can add a new location or place on where to play pickleball.

And because the Pickleball Finder app is free you can also share that too.

Courtesy of the App information page this is what it looks like:

(Apple users only - Not available for Android as yet)

You can download for FREE the Pickleball Finder app here

Now just to note that the Pickleball Finder app includes all the information on the USAPA website but they too now have an app to download free.

Where to Play Pickleball - app #2

Its name?

USAPA Places2Play Pickleball

About the app: Yes, like the Pickleball Finder app - you can find places to play Pickleball around the world with this app on your mobile device also!

And like any of these two apps their features are pretty much the same and they enable you to do lots of things for different reasons.

While some use the apps for finding where to play pickleball in their own backyard using the google maps feature, others love them because they dictate their holiday destinations just like two visitors we had in Chiangmai recently from Florida - checking first if there was a pickleball court here before booking their tickets.

While they found out even more info from Face Book and on our Pickleball Directory of Clubs page - the app enables you to dig deeper on most places of where to play pickleball.

{SPECIAL NOTE: Promote Your Club - Tell us about it on our Pickleball Directory of Clubs page}.

Tags enable you to filter down on location, players, variety, indoor, outdoor, fees be it free or you need to pay, court types and more!

You can let friends know when you're at your favorite Pickleball places and it has an "advanced search engine" to find sites by name, city, state, zip code or tags.

You can even upload and view pictures of each place when available of course plus find out in real time the weather conditions at your favorite outdoor places of where to play pickleball.

The app allows you to submit site description edits and category edits right from the app and to rate and view others ratings of Pickleball Places.

Courtesy of the App information page this is what it looks like:

(Apple users only - Not available for Android as yet)

You can download for FREE the USAPA Places2Play Pickleball app here

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